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  1. Just an update, I have sent the first letter off by first class recorded delivery, giving them 7 days to contact me in regards to taking my vehicle back and offering a full refund. If I fail to receive a reply, I will send another letter giving them another 7 days but warning them if I don't hear from them at the end of that time period that I'll be going through the small claims court and probably contacting the trading standards authority as well. Splat.
  2. I've been considering doing just that, I don't know how far I can go though as I didn't write the advisor's name down. Though I suppose that they'll have that call logged under the details I gave them. As far as I was concerned She didn't understand the letter of the law written in the sale of goods act, and that regardless of the vehicle's age and price, barring small problems such as a dodgy thermostat it's totally unreasonable to expect me to take my car's head gasket failing after 5 weeks on the chin, having been told it was of a perfectly roadworthy condition. Regardless of the price
  3. Just to add to my previous posts, I had a witness with whilst we did the deal, the witness was my mum, so I don't know how a court would look at that, however if needs be I can get her to confirm that when I bought the car, the bloke I got it from was Presenting himself as a trader.
  4. Letter's written. Got to post it after work, I've just spelt out to him what I'd like to do, then I've basically given him an ultimatum, 14 days then I go to court, I've got all the evidence I can find to prove he is a trader, including cached copies of advert's he's previously posted.
  5. The radiator fan came on just after I posted that, and there is some white smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  6. Had the thermostat out for 10 minutes with the engine running, water is still coming back up out of the filler bottle with the cooling system pressurising so I think I can now safely say the thermostat is not the problem leaving the head gasket being the most likely culprit.
  7. I'm just getting my options clear for the worst case scenario, I phoned the dealer and asked him if he would repair it or take it back, I gave him both options, I didn't actually say anything to him about going to small claims. I've now removed the thermostat and I am just using some silicon sealant to seal the thermostat's housing back onto the engine (obviously re attaching the bolts as well), and then run the car to see if the problem still persists. If that doesn't give me any improvements I will take it to a garage and get them to run compression tests on the cylinder heads, and only if t
  8. Hello there, I am currently a student and I bought a 2001 Fiat Punto Mia (MK2) with 74K miles on the clock from a trader to get me from my place of work whilst on placement, it cost me £620. The difficulty I am in is that the dealer in question sold me it from his private residence, however, he told me throughout the viewing of the said car that he was a trader, and that he occasionally brought vehicles back to his residence to sell, he had even filed out the registration documents as a trader. 5 weeks after buying said vehicle the car has developed what looks like a serious fau
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