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  1. On the positive side - The formal complaint did spur the court to send me copy documentation only took 6 weeks!
  2. Quick Update Re Formal Complaint to CCCL - guess what its 22 days since my complaint was made and acknowledged, but still I wait for an update as to what their findings are and what they are going to do about them! Have a meeting with my MP tomorrow and the ombudsman's telephone number is at the ready!
  3. Hi Andy I rang CCMCC this morning as they at least answer the phone and it would appear I'm not the only one to be having a problem, Central London now have a new number for telephone enquiries, and they do actually answer the phone!! A complaint has been sent to Central London and they have called me back to confirm receipt of the complaint, they are expected to get a letter to me in 10 working days with a plan of action, last chance to redeem themselves!!
  4. Thanks Andy The main problem is that the first and second port of call is to contact the court where the problem arose! See above easier said than done!! They are apparently supposed to acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and respond within 10 - its at least 15 and counting! Step 3 is get area managers name from the court - see above Step 4 get your MP on board - I fortunately did this last November and even he seems to be getting no response Like I say it hard to complain when nobodies listening
  5. Hi Andy 38 days after the court order I have finally received a copy! It states the claim has been struck out persuant to CPR 3.4(a)an(b) So Central London have cashed my cheque for the application to transfer last November and done absolutely nothing with it Then acted ever so swiftly on Burlington's application to strike out, without a trial, without providing me with any paperwork and then letting over 5 weeks pass before providing me with a copy of the order! Its absolutely atrocious service and completely destroys my faith in our justice system, I've read the link and unfortunatley it seems im not the first to experience such failings But where do I go from here? Is there any point in complaining? You can't ring and speak to anyone, my last two emailed complains (sept and Nov 14) have not even been acknowledged....so how do you complain when nobodies listening!
  6. I was on the understanding that the time to issue an interpleader claim had been and gone?
  7. I made a formal complaint to the company last March! followed by a letter before action last July, the company concerned did not respond to either. Yes my claim is regarding the fact that I only paid the money to stop the action as the debtor was not available to deal with matters himself, had I have know there was such a thing as exempt goods I would not have paid but rather provided the ness evidence. In my view they made a false representation saying they had the right to remove the vehicle, they should have been aware of it being exempt, had they done the correct checks, even the original creditor gave them times the vehicle would be available around school runs, I believe they just saw an easy target and the original creditor was just being vexatious, a reasonable offer had been made to repay the debt and she had refused it and chosen this course of action to bring the most upset. So the next step is a complaint to the HCEOA, I have looked on the companies website and they havent even stuck to their own complaints policy! let alone industry standards, they should have to account for their actions, not hide behind "we are protected by the court"
  8. Hi HCEOs I 100% sent an email, followed by a phone call where I made the claim to a junior member of staff and then her manager. It was also mentioned in my n244 application and on at least one later email requesting an update. I do not believe they ever past the claim onto the claimant, so where do I go from here? Day 23 since court order issued and still nothing received from court!
  9. Been busy reading other posts and there are a few mentions of complaints to the HCEOA, one battle at a time but should I have made a complaint about how burlingtons have acted? I have also got my MP on the case, he has already written to the court last November, and is frankly appalled at how the court have handled the case to date, his office confirmed another letter is on its way. I can't stand bullies, I have been duped by the HCEO and let down by the system -but thanks to cag I'm not beat yet, appreciate everyone's time and efforts.
  10. Morning all, Thanks for all the comments yesterday, just to be 100% is there anything else I should be doing whilst waiting for the court to respond to my email? I have further evidence to submit to court (disproving points made in their witness statement) when is the best time to do this and how? Cheers
  11. Hi HCEO ( have to say your username makes my toes curl, I'm sure your very nice and I will not tar all with the same brush! Dentist have the same effect!) Can you shed any light on why the hceo,s concerned think that they a without question protected by the court (they say they were following court instructons) when they have not adhered to industry guidelines?? Further to wonkeydokeys post and this only came to light in the defendants witness statement, the original creditor even provided the times the vehicle would be parked up "when the debtor had finished his school run". Telling me the defendant and original claimant were both aware the Vehicle was a tool of the trade before they even made one visit - due diligence???
  12. Hi, I didnt issue an interpleader claim, I emailed the company concerned and despite my emails they didnt tell me to raise such a claim nor did they tell the original claimant, which I believe they are required to do by law? Its all very confusing cos you don't know who's advice is reliable when thrown into the lions den! I made the claim in writing and by telephone to the manager handling the case, he didnt advise me I needed to do anything else - at the time the priority was to get the writ stayed and an order to pay by installments, which I did. I've learnt a lot in 12months but mainly that the company invloved use many tactics to ensure that it is difficult to follow how things should be done! By not telling me about the interpleader the day after the visit, they deliberately let the deadline pass for such a claim to be made, knowing full well I would have made that claim given the chance.
  13. Hi Andy, Yes I have but last time I emailed central London they never even got back to me! It took literally 4 weeks on constant ring back to actually speak to a real person, who promptly read from a script! they are very busy, working 6 weeks backlog etc, so how can I expect to respond to them within deadlines if Ive not had copy documents?
  14. I made an application last year to claim back a payment made to a Bailiff to stop repossession of a vehicle, turns out they had no right to take it as it qualifies as exempt goods (tools of the trade) Application defended, mediation agreed to, then no appointment made, witnesses statements submitted, Application to move to my local court made Oct14 - Seemingly ignored by the court despite cheque being cashed Nov14! Mediation agreed to for a second time, then failed Dec14 as defendant was not willing to be flexible. Rang court for update this morning to be told; 12 Jan15 Defendant made application to strike out claim (I have never received a copy) 24 Jan Order made contents of which the operator could not see (again I have not received a copy) How can this happen??? Have emailed the court to request copies of the documents and an explanation as to why my application has not been dealt with, expect an answer around Easter!
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