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  1. Just to update, there has been no reply to my email of yesterday to DRM. Also, the "seller" stopped responding when I asked to call him and talk about the process more directly. Before, questions about the car were answered...sort of. My last connection with him was send me your address and I'll take the car to DRM. Presumably then I would have received a direction regarding wiring money to a DRM account while I waited for the car to then arrive for my "inspection". The story was well done when you include the DRM Express website. A German had imported a classic car 7 years ago. He now has been posted to England for his work and his left hand drive car is too difficult to keep in England. While he was in France, he posted the car on a french car sales sight (which of course I found suspect as this unfolded). I replied in french but he asked to do the exchange in English which was strangely written (google translate?). He sent more than a dozen photos of the car which was clearly priced below market and though he had two buyers contact him, I was the first so I got priority. He held back a few pics, such as those of the top, and a copy of the MOT from Germany showing the owner's name but now almost 3 years ago. When I asked for contact personally, not another reply. My assumption now is that the pics had been taken off the internet when the real guy sold the car. Now they are being used to try and suck buyers in through this "100% safe and secure" DRM process. Thankfully, this is not my first rodeo and I was cautious and did my own investigation. But oh, I really did want that car and was close to sending the money. If it's too good to be true...! That's my story until either I'm contacted by DRM or the buyer. In which case I'll update this post.
  2. Hi I have been offered to buy a car using DRM express. You send the purchase price to them and they deliver the car and allow you time to review it. If you accept the car they release the money to the seller. If not, they take the car back to the seller and refund your money. However, I have been unable to contact DRM as their phone does not respond other than to say all lines are busy. Nor have they replied to my email inquiry. Does anyone have any information or experience in using this service? Are they legitimate? BT has no phone listing for their office either which is listed on their web site as South Croydon, Surry. Thanks for any help on this before I send my money.
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