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  1. I'm far from resting, I have no doubt that loopholes are found or that I may just be unlucky on the day. They will never make an offer! Will keep you posted when it's finally over..... Thanks again for all the advice.
  2. Thank you so much. It's one hell of a rollercoaster ride and theyve played games all along so nothing surprises me any more. Such a shame that rules are allowed to be broken. Hey ho! I won't give up. They can throw what they like at me.
  3. Thanks. Yes, representing myself so far - although got a conference with a barrister now as they are really scraping the barrel - all depends on costs really. Our material is in bundle that's gone off so not worried about that. Just concerned about all the irrelevant stuff. Do the judges read before the hearing or just wait to get taken to it on the day? The advice I have had is that I have an extremely strong case - they're just trying to blacken my character and muddy the waters. Just hope the court sees through it.
  4. ET case imminent. Judge orders disclosure one week with bundle to be agreed a week later. Due to non-compliance by the respondents we got their list of docs served less than 48 hours before the bundle is to be agreed. Acknowledged we would get back to them to agree bundle. Five hours after that they send through their witness statements - which they had purposely not included ( 6 days after receiving all of our bundle - so obviously been using our stuff to prepare them) - and a note saying they were sending the bundle out THERE AND THEN! I immediately wrote back saying we had
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