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  1. Short let tenancy agreement. Has a clause that sunletting is not permitted without consent. We don't have it written though just verbally. We have emails where we mention other people as well i believe. Also we had many repairs and the landlord /agency was at the property 2 years ago to view it when they increased rent, so they obviously saw all people as well. Recently he even bought 2 new beds for the 2 of the rooms also, so in theory i can proof that he knew about this and allowed it. I live in the flat for 10 years. It could have been avoided if he informed me that this new rule is coming into place and I would have told people to move out or asked him about licence. There is no written agreement on the rooms, so the flatmates have no contract. They however pay rent into my account and I then transfer to the agency. Only 1 guy is on the electoral roll register. I am not sure, I suspect 1 person informed that there are 5 people living here. Again, they have no tenancy agreements with me. Also i just read that purpose build flats are exempt from this new law. We live in a purpose build flat (not a house that was concerted into flats). I hope this really applies... called council - they were not very helpful. Just said they need to come to check the structure of the flat... Also read that this would probably fall under the additional licence for this borough.. .I wished I'd just known about this and then I would have made sure flat is 1 household only from October 1st - or talked to the landlord about the licence. I have sent him all the info, he should know what to do I hope. I am so annoyed with myself but then again apparently many people were not aware of this change in law... .and i am not actively looking for law changes to HMO - will never live in a shared flat for sure now, lesson learned but I am literally losing sleep over things like that. Trying to find something on the invenory that says: you get a 2nd chance to sort it out, but nothing. All I am reading is how people end up paying 20k for this, but they were official LL and had 20 people living in 7 rooms though, so there is hope...but still. I literally do not know what to do, I thought council would explain it to me a bit more or give some options or next steps but now they just will come next week to view the flat.
  2. Also, discussed with my Brother and the best solution is to ask our flatmates to move out in this scenario. And keep the flat to ourselves (and our cousin which would be 1 household hence no licence). Would this be a satisfactory solution for the council? 4 weeks and it would be all solved and we would never take anybody else in, they can even come to make checks and all. Also I want to mention that everyone has really big rooms, with great furniture etc. And there is 1 person (and in another room a couple) per room only. So no crazy 5 people per room or anything dodgy like that going on. Clean and functioning flat. I just hope this works out somehow ok. I read Mir.eom the internet and people who got fined were landlord who had 30 people living in flats or did not act upon a warning. Never had a warning , never had more people living in the flat than rooms( max 1 person more if a couple). But still very worried. Any advice would be appreciated. I think calling council is the best step - instead of calling landlord?
  3. Hello all, I am not sure if consumer action forum can help me with this but I previously made such a good experience in here that this was my first go to. my brother and I rent a 5 bed room flat (only the 2 of us on the contract) but also rent out the 3 other rooms. Landlord knows about this and we do not make any money off it. In total there are in legal terms 3 households (will be 2 in Decembe). We now received a letter from the council starting that this is a Multiple Housing Occupancy. Somebody reported us. We've live in the flat for 10 years. I went on the internet because this was news to me and found out that on October 1st a new law was introduced and hence, we are a HMO. Council would like to come and inspect the property. I read that fines are 30k etc. I want to call the council tomorrow and explain but I am so scared. I will tell them that I will pay the licence fee which is around 1.5K because I simply did not know about this. But I know that this is a terrible excuse even though it's True. I would have never risk a situation like that. I could blame it on the landlord but on the contract it is only me and my brother. Also I am not the kind of person who would do this to him...he knows about 5 people living here though but the flat complies with all regulations on fire safety etc. I just don't know what to do. I also know who reported it: my flatmate. he read that he can get 12 months rent back. Although I don't get this as well as it was complaint up to October 1st so why should he receive money for a whole year. I am just so worried that they won't give me a chance. I am not able to repay 12 months rent nor to pay a fine of 30k... .so far the letter states just a visit but I guess best is to call then and say yes you are right - what can we do about this to avoid issues as we were simply not aware of this new law. Yes if course it could have been avoided but I simply had no idea about it. Now I know and it won't ever happen again but you know after living in the flat for 10years I never thought of this. My landlord usually made sure that everything is compliant such as gas and electricity checks. HMO I guess does not fall under it as he officially rents it out to 1 household. I wish he would have told me about it though (it is an agency )...I would have offered to pay. Calling the council tomorrow but any advice or experience on this ? Worst news ever really. I am shaking. Matt
  4. I finished the course in 2010. I have a confirmation certificate that shows I've completed the course and many other diplomas. Because it is such long time ago I cannot find the diploma where it only shows my L3 course confirmation (a very specific diploma). Maybe I never had it and remember it wrongly I am pretty sure I must have had it when started working as a PT. I have other papers confirming that I passed but the gym needs the diploma. I've asked them to send me my contract and they send me terms and conditions of 2016 and told me to leave them alone and that they only told my contractor I owe them but not the sum. I was hoping that the contract will show that they must have had send me the papers. I think I will talk to my contractor now and see what he says. It's such a mess and it is my fault and I understand that they won't trust me with repayments but I hope that my contractor will maybe allow the confirmation without the diploma to follow through...
  5. I will talk to my contractor, I had the certificate when I started but moved and now cant find it. I just dont get it why they do not want to cooperate, I was more than willing to pay 2 payments upfront and then settle it with a direct debit by DEC. I also do not think they should have told my contractor that I am in debt before talking to me. As I said I thought that the debt was settles after I paid several times and they were not in touch for at least 5 years. It is my fault for sue, I should have kept better track but for those who have been deep in debt, I just lost control over everything and luckily managed to stand on my feet again since 2014 and repaid all the debtors I had - just not them as there was no communication etc from them.
  6. Hi all, So I contacted the gym, tried to make a re-payment plan, asked for a copy of my agreement with them. They told me they will only give me the certificate after I paid and to NOT contact them ever again. For me it does not make sense to pay for 5 months and then get my certificate when I need a copy now. They do not want to talk to me at all and basically told me pay but do not contact us ever again.
  7. Yes that is what i am concerned about - the data protection. Why would they tell anybody about my debt (which on top of it is 7 years old) instead of contacting me? Even though the debt is old I would still be willing to pay it off, find an agreement. I genuinely thought it was completely paid off, I paid so many debts - and trust me if i forgot something i received a letter as a reminder. Anyways, I am seeing no other way then paying otherwise I lose my job and that would put me back right back into 2010 where all my troubles began. Although, I really dont want to give in on the other hand seeing as the breached data rights. What can I do if somebody breaches these rights?
  8. Hello, First all thanks for taking the time to read through this. Around 2010 I was going through a difficult financial time - floded with letters, aggressive baillifs and calls etc and had at least 10 big debts. Luckily - with help from this forum also! - I repaid everything and in the last 3 years lived a debt free life , or so I thought. In 2010 I competed a personal training course and have since been employed with a gym. The gym after 7 yesars of employment needs my personal training certificate (for bookkeeping) which I was not able to find and so they contacted the company where I completed the course. The company responded to the gym (my contractor) saying they won't release it because I have not fully paid. Can they do that ? Telling my employer/contractor about that? ?? They should have gotten back to me instead. I think they are correct , I owe them because I went through all my papers and couldn't find receipts of payments. With all these debts and them not contacting me I simply must overlooked it, especially as I didn't heat from them. I'd pay it off, it is not that much, around 1k. I called them and asked them to tell me why they told my contractor (the gym) about the debt. They've respond saying they will ONLY release my certificate if I pay the debt in FULL. Which I can't because unfortunately, but would be willing to set up a payment plan of 200 a month. Usually I would just set up the repayment plan but it really bothers me that they told my contractor and I read online that they acted illegally with this? It areas bothers me that they are putting pressure. on me saying I must repay in full before I get the certificate released . ..if I don't I lose my job! Any advice on how to go about it? If they would have come back to me and said that my contractor contacted them (which is fine because I told them to! As I thought I paid everything off) and they noticed that there is still upstanding debt, I'd just set up a payment plan and that's it. But now my reputation looks bad and I am really ashamed. I know it's my fault , I should have repaid it way back then, but I was so deep in debts I didn't leave house for months because of being scared. ..then i turned everything around and repaid my debts and genuinely believed that I've repaid them fully too! (I only.repaid half!) Thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks everyone for your help! It can be quite heloful to have other ppls opinion, especially when you feel a bit frustrated
  10. I am aware of this but as I usually sell 25 sessions upfront with a bigger discount and some people might then want to unfairly benefit from this buy buying these and only complete lets say 10 and ask for a refund of the outstanding 15. But I have just transferred the rest as well, I just wanted to know what other people thought of this. I think my big issue here was to find out that he was not even a student but had a full time job and hence, had at least 1 discount that was really not fair. Usually, in the 7 years of my career I never had such issue so just wanted to see how other ppl felt about this. I guess I will make it clearer in my offer that the discount will only apply when the sessions are completed and an early cancel from the clients side will not have the discounted price. Luckily, this was only a small amount of money, so no harm done
  11. We had an agreement via email, that stated that single sessions will be charged 40pounds, and a discount is applicable after 4 sessions.... The customer has also lied to me about being a student which gave him another discount, but I did not want to make a fuss about that either and just left the student discount...
  12. Hello, A client bought 4 sessions, and paid a discounted price of 120GBP. (30 pounds each session) Single sessions would have been 40, but I offer a discount for 4 sessions bought upfront. I saw the client 2, and had to cancel last week twice due to illness, which he was not very happy about. Yesterday I asked if I can postpone the session by 1hour and he asked for a refund as he was not happy. I was a bit surprised but did not make a fuss about it. I informed the customer that I will refund 40pounds and not 60pounds, as the discount is only applicable for a set of 4 which did not take place here. I dont think I am unfair here but he demands the other 20pounds as well. Am I doing the right thing? Most of the PTsI know wouldnt even transfer the other 40pounds as he bought them upfront and did not finish them - I am aware I cancelled but I am human and sometimes unfortunately get ill as well, and usually did not have any such troubles. Please let me know if it is legally okay to stand my ground. Thank you, Kat
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