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  1. I did at the time. But the judge was very dismissive and simply said, it's clear you signed the agreement, these charges are in the agreement as st the penalties etc I had a solicitor look at it but it didn't sound positive.. ..I can upload everthing tomorrow (no access to a PC till the morning) Is it not to late now? Any advise will be approciated my main concern at the moment is getting this "court questioning" confirmed. I have been advised that when they go over my finances, it's all done on guaranteed income (my basic pay) which has calmed me
  2. Thank you, I'm hoping they accept my payment plan before it gets to even meeting them. I understand these are also referred to as "questioning" and is usually carried out by a court official. I have been advised that it's in short a "I&E form and based on my basic earnings. I'm keen to get the letter, but this APS are by a parcel courier or the Royal Mail, so I have to have it rearranged. So far I've called them over 10 times without any luck. I am printing off a call log daily to keep record just in case.
  3. Morning Guys/Girls. Thank you in advance for this help. Hope this is in the right section (sorry if not) Very long story short, when I was younger, burying my head was great and new cars had been top of my list! Fast forward ten years, that's not the case!! About 8 years ago, I took a car on finance through Welcome...(£6995) after 3 years, I got into trouble with work & the car got repossessed. At the time around 3900 had been paid. Fast forward to last year, I got called to court (8 months before it with have been statute barred) and I was given a CCJ for £12000. At t
  4. Hi Guys, Just to keep you in the Loop, I was recommended a solicitor who's currently looking over all the information now. Its still early days! However, the signs are positive! I will keep everyone posted guys! Want to say thanks for the help getting to this point.
  5. Thanks for your help on this guys. I'm currently trying to arrange an appointment with CAB -they may be able to shed some more light, certainly if I sit with a solicitor that can perhaps clarify some things at the very least.
  6. I accept ANY opinions here tbh, I simply need to consider all angles. I will contact CAB tomorrow to book an appointment with them to see if they can help also (wise idea?)
  7. Oddly enough there is No date. Not even an option to put one, unlike there's where it clearly says "DATE" where i sign it does not?
  8. What does mean? That the agreement is non enforceable? Is there a way of delaying the court action and ask for more time to get my defence? :?: Also, should I make an offer of a very small amount of pounds to clear there debt
  9. From memory the garage needed to do its final checks on the car, then there was an issue wit them taxing the thing! THEN the direct debit was wrong (Welcomes issue) so only ended up getting the car 1st week of april from memory.
  10. Does that help me or hinder..... sorry! This legal stuff is seriously flying over my head.
  11. docs removed now converted to PDF after redaction dx
  12. Would you say I have a pretty good chance of having this account wiped? What are the chances if I compile a counter claim regarding the repossession of the car? Thanks for all you help here! I feel a lot more relaxed.
  13. I am unable to upload the pictures. But the signed agreement I have and the ones they have sent to the court clearly state its a Hire Purchase.
  14. yes, that's what the claim form has said. is this not correct on their part?
  15. None of the paperwork provided by IND has the original agreement number I have here. BUT they are clearly referring to the agreement we had.
  16. " Theoldrouge" yes, that's what the claim form has said. Is this not right if the agreement is for HPI?
  17. That's correct, The signed credit agreement the have sent are clearly the exact ones I have, however, there's no account number. All of my original documents have account number ABC Everything that have sent and referred to have account number DFG
  18. This, believe or not, I do (I'm as shocked as most) I have ALL of the original documents. I have 1. Confirmation of Hire Purchase from Welcome dated march 28th with the correct account number 2. Credit Agreement Signed by me and Mr Coupland on the 27th March - With correct Agreement number (3 pages, third page showing the number) The third page has NOT been sent to the courts by them. Its as if they noticed its the only page with the Original Number.
  19. There is no mention of a second agreement what so ever, the signed forms are clearly dated march 2007. So surely they cant say there is a second agreement with all the information provided is clearly to do with the original loan? PLUS there was never a second agreement EVER, never, EVER made.. I'm so sorry this must be extremely confusing!
  20. Hi, Claim Form; Particulars of claim: The claimant claims for funds under fixed sum loan agreements etc etc....... It then go's on to say Hire Purchase account number ABC123 (this is wrong, I have the original letter with a completely different account number) ARREARS BALANCE OF £8300.44 AS OF 26/6/2009 INTEREST UNDER S69 OF THE COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 AT RATE OF 8% A YEAR FROM 26/6/09 TI 7/1/14 AND ALSO SAME INTEREST RATE UP YO DATE OF JUDGMENT OF 1.82% OVER TO AMOUNT CLAIMED: £11313.16 COURT FEE: 190 SOLS FEE: £0 TOTAL Amount: £11503.16
  21. It says: "REPOSESSION, YOUR RIGHTS. If you do not keep our side of this agreement but you have paid at least a third of the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £3570.08 the creditor may not take back the goods unless he gets a court order. If he does that the goods without a court order, you have the right to get back any money that you have paid under this agreement" The figure was in a box pre calculated to be a third of the amount
  22. I have, This is how I have worked out I paid more than the sum stated. I paid £4,569.91 up until the car was Repo'd Then a further £1918.05 was paid off when the car was sold. Brining the total to £6487.91 PAID
  23. Oh I see, Still below the amount of £1150.80, but I assume its at the Judges Discretion when it comes to these things. I have been trying to get in contact with CAB, just to gain some sound advice on whether its worth me getting a solicitor involved.
  24. Looking this up, they are for claims £5000 and under, does this mean they intend to claim a smaller amount?
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