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  1. Please don't ask a CMC to deal with your PPI refund, all they do is fill in the same questionnaire as you would, often with generic complaint points, stick a stamp on it and if its successful charge you a large percentage of the win. They don't have special access to your PPI records. You can get all the advice you need on here and if you look at the lenders website they often have their own PPI section and claim form that you can fill in online. You need the account number, proof of payment and valid mis-selling reasons.
  2. As above, the recent Plevin ruling by the FCA does allow for previously rejected complaints to be reviewed, so I don't believe you need to take this through the courts just yet. Although I wouldn't rely on RBS to contact you about a new investigation. I would write to them again and ask in light of Plevin will they kindly reconsider their previous decision.
  3. Bank Fodder is right, if its a closed account, or not used for some time the bank can ask you to confirm your ID before posting out confidential information. Personally speaking I would get it confirmed just to prevent any unnecessary delays. When I sent a SAR to NatWest last year, and phoned them for an update, they asked why I wanted the information, was it to do with PPI because they have a dedicated PPI helpline who do similar searches of NatWest archives to try and locate customer accounts with PPI. So maybe I could have saved myself £10 but I still felt a SAR might produce more
  4. There are some useful spreadsheets in this forum. If you search for "Latest Spreadsheets and PPI charges Dec 2011", it should bring them up. You could probably submit a complaint now to get the ball rolling, while searching for extra statements and waiting for the SAR. The PPI claims handlers also make requests for historic transaction data as part of their investigations. You asked about Endowment complaints. Common mis-selling points can include being a single applicant with no dependants, or the policy extends beyond normal retirement age and they did not check if you would still
  5. If your girlfriend's cards included CPP then its too late to request a refund of card protection premiums from the provider CPP because the scheme closed about two years ago, but you might be able to get a refund from the actual seller of the policy e.g. the lender/bank. This would be shown on the statements with an annual charge of around £40. Although it sounds like she was paying PPI on a monthly basis so there's no time limitation and you've got plenty of evidence to proceed with a complaint.
  6. Similar thing happened with my Santander PPI complaint. I was originally told that it wasn't a valid Santander card, and when I tried again two years later they found a copy of the credit agreement and one PPI premium that I paid just before the account was closed. I couldn't find any old credit card statements, only copies of all the direct debits I had paid when the card was being used, so Santander made an offer based on my average spend. I had to accept it because a DSAR produced no new evidence, however mine was a lot further back than your complaint so it might help in your c
  7. I filled in HMRC Form R40 to claim back the tax deducted from my PPI redress. It's a form used by non taxpayers to obtain refunds of overpaid tax from savings and investments but I'm not sure if its the correct approach for the self employed.
  8. Thanks ThedaBara, can I ask how you know the information is held by HSBC back to the 1980's? Did you manage to get your documents from this bank or did you already have them? If I take it any further I need some convincing evidence of non compliance.
  9. Yes I've already tried that. The bank said nothing available since my account has been closed more than six years ago. It's the same old story that I've heard from other banks, but when you read about some customers taking them to a small claims court and then miraculously the bank locates the statements in their microfiche records a week before the court date. It does make you wonder........
  10. I'm posting on here as my query is related to PPI. Can anyone let me know if they've managed to obtain copies of old Midland Bank/HSBC credit card statements from the mid 1990's? I have the account number but no paperwork. I've read about one other poster on here who took HSBC to a small claims court in 2007, for non compliance over a DSAR and bank charges complaint. Has anyone else had a similar experience and had to take matters this far to get their data. I asked the ICO for an opinion and they accepted the bank's advice that they only hold statements from six
  11. Please clarify, in the quote about "credit balance" , do you mean the account has an outstanding balance which the customer owes, or, is actually in credit? Thanks
  12. I did a SAR before I sent in a PPI complaint form. the lender said they were unable to find any transactions bar one which showed a PPI premium of £4.20 however, I have a list of all the direct debits to the account and they used this to work out how much PPI I paid . To any magicians out there, is it possible to calculate an approximate figure from these details?
  13. Thanks for your quick reply. I don't know the individual amounts of PPI just the total quoted by the lender. They said PPI was charged at 70p per every hundred and the card interest rate was 29%. , unfortunately I do not have any account statements which are required to calculate using those spreadsheets.
  14. Can anyone suggest a method of calculating PPI redress for a store card because I have received an offer from the lender which seems very low? My account was opened in 1988 and repaid in 1995. I paid approximately £165.00 in PPI premiums, the bank has offered £520. Does this sound accurate, how can I check if it's right? Thank you.
  15. Thanks Baz1994, the only records I received from Next were transaction lists from 2000, none from when the account was opened in 1988, and a sample of a credit agreement. My account is still in use but I've got no proof that I paid PPI, although I remember having the insurance until 1994. What can I do?
  16. Thank you, I am aware PPI or whatever would have been listed on a monthly statement, unfortunately as I said in my post, I do not have any transactions histories prior 2000 which is the reason I tried to obtain a copy of the agreement. The failed SAR didn't produce any results so when I came across this thread it opened up other possibilities. It seems every customer with a Next Directory account in the 1980's and 90's had PPI from the outset and I hoped someone on here with a similar experience might be able to advise me.
  17. This has all come as a big surprise to me. I felt sure I had PPI on my Next Directory account from 1988 until I cancelled it around 1994, the account is still active. I sent a SAR to Next six months ago, and it came back with transaction histories from 2000 and no copy of the original agreement which I had specifically requested, just a generic copy. I wrote back with a failed SAR letter and a very pleasant lady telephoned me at home and said there was definitely no PPI added when it was opened. I said how can you be sure unless you can see the orig
  18. Same happened with my Citi loan, they said no trace, but mine was further back than yours, so I'm surprised they cannot find your details. I don't believe they search their microfilm/microfiche archives. If its not in their electronic systems they don't bother. They don't seem as well organised with customer data as the larger banks, that's my impression anyway. I don't think to be much more we can do because FOS has no jurisdiction as the sale took place before 2005, other than try the ICO for non compliance , or the underwriter of the PPI policy.
  19. Thank you for your quick response. FOS have rejected it twice due to no regulation and no jurisdiction, really no where else to go with it, but thanks for your interest.
  20. Please accept my apologies to the site. I'm afraid no one can help because Citi and the underwriter were not regulated as my complaint is pre 2005 and therefore FOS has no jurisdiction.
  21. Hi, sorry to resurrect this post and I'm not an expert but I'm also struggling with a Citi ppi loan complaint from 1994 and I wondered how you were getting on with yours?
  22. Hi, was it RBS who sold the L&E Loanguard with your loan? Also, I am wondering if its the actual PPI team who cannot see the insurance policy noted on their systems and that's what they told FOS?
  23. Thanks again for your quick response. I'll have a look at the failed SAR example. I will ask the bank for a direct answer to the microfiche question. My account has been in use since the mid 1980's and I understood they did not destroy your data unless you closed the account? Is it possible that they might destroy some customers data and not others, or would all live accounts be treated the same?
  24. Thanks for the suggestion, by failed SAR do you mean complain to the ICO? I tried that and they managed to get Natwest to supply bank statements back to October 1992. Its the microfiche records that the bank haven't provided, they won't say if they have been searched or even admit if they exist. Why?
  25. Thanks for the reply, already done a SAR, that's how I, eventually, got hold of statements from October 1992. It's the microfilm or microfiche transaction histories from when the account opened that I'm trying to find now. I've read lots of stories about other customers finding this type of data from different banks including Natwest.
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