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  1. Thanks. One final question, if you don't mind, do banks ever retain older electronic records or, are they classed as a live system and deleted when a contract or agreement has ended?
  2. I might try that, however, would the bank retain DD authorities going back twenty years in microfiche. Don't they delete DD details six years after they've ended?
  3. Already tried that, the original creditor said they cannot locate any details without the account number, sending them a copy of the direct debit transaction did not help due to its age
  4. Thanks dx100, I have the names of the other businesses, the dates and the amounts paid by direct debit on the transaction lists , I just need the DD reference numbers that were shown on the original statements during the 1990's because they often contain the account number of the credit finance. This is the information I am searching for and the SAR did not reveal it.
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria, on that point, what if all the data was there at the time the transactions were archived to microfiche, would the bank go to the trouble of removing some of this data from microfiche records, in the future, just because it was no longer required? As I said in my previous post my bank had retained and archived their own direct debit reference numbers on the transaction lists but not those of other businesses that I was paying at the same time. Can you explain this or any other knowledgable poster reading this thread? Sorry if I am making hard work of it but I would
  6. Okay thanks, my bank supplied all the current account transaction lists going back to 1990 but the original direct debit references numbers were missing, so in your opinion do you think they were probably deleted when no longer required? I was hoping they may have left a footprint somewhere in the bank' s archive systems. I did notice that in the case of a direct debit set up by my bank for one of their own products, the reference number was still visible on the transaction list but not other businesses direct debits from over twenty years ago.
  7. Thanks unclebulgaria, but can the banks do this with transactions from twenty years ago?
  8. I used to have the info and now I am trying to get the bank to find it. Hopefully if unclebulgaria67 tells me what the correct parameters tomorrow I'll be able to make some progress, thanks and goodnight
  9. Locate missing data that was shown on the original current account statement but not included in the recent transaction list
  10. Please excuse my ignorance what are the correct parameters? Could the bank still do this for transactions dating from twenty years ago?
  11. Thank you for both responses. I get that about the credit card statement being a bill, but you don't receive all the original data with a current account transaction list, for instance on a direct debit notation. All you would see is the date, the name of the business being paid and the amount debited, not the reference number which you might need for a pre regulation ppi complaint.
  12. This is a bit of a technical question for long standing bank employees or other retail banking experts about the way data is sent to a customer following a DSAR. I wasn't sure which forum to post it on because it could be relevant in PPI complaints and bank charges, sorry if it should be elsewhere. my query is; why does a bank send you lists of transaction histories instead of copies of the original statements for current accounts and yet for credit card accounts they send you a full hard copy with all the original data just as you had received it years before. When I phoned
  13. Yes quite right, it wasn't my thread, so please accept my apologies. I was trying to help lukeboy1 by telling him about my experiences with the RBS/Mint credit card and why I felt he might not get very far unless he can find the account number. Hope he does before the PPI deadline.and anyone else in a similar situation.
  14. That's right, but only because I got the current account statements from the first SAR I sent (approx one year earlier), in which RBS said they could not locate any credit card information, until later on when I found the actual card number from my own archives, sent it to RBS and then they found the statements. As I said previously I think the poster needs to try and find the RBS credit card number. Its frustrating I know because I took out a loan in 1992 which I believe had single premium PPI cover and a different credit card both of which I can't find the numbers for.
  15. I read the SAR link and understand the lender is supposed to send you all personal data they hold, but in my experience, with several major banks over the past few years including RBS, they will not provide any account information without a reference number unless it was active within the last six or seven years. I was interested to read that RBS have a data centre in Ireland, I was told it was in Southend where they store customer statements. I tried to get information on my current account from 1989, but RBS said they could only supply copy statements from 1992,
  16. I do not think RBS would find an account number with a full SAR and CTAX letter unless it was closed within the last six years. They told me they could not locate any records of my old RBS/Mint credit card that I closed in 2003. It wasn't until I managed to find the account number that I was able to get a copy of the credit agreement and statements back to 2001.
  17. Thanks Slick, it would really help if I could establish that my B/C was 16 digits long from the opening of the account in the early 1980's. Hope you have a good Easter.
  18. Hi slick, thanks for your response. Yes I've read about the reconstructed B/C application and credit agreements in complaints regarding unfair bank charges, however mine is related to PPI on an old closed account so I didn't do a CCA request. I sent a DSAR to B/C and they said they could not find any details in their systems, but in a phone call mentioned that older B/C accounts had shorter account numbers. I've got a record of what the 16 digit number was in 1990 because it came up in the results of DSAR to another business, I don't recall any different numbers. Can I ask if yo
  19. Hello, I wondered if any other poster on the Barclaycard forum has been able to obtain copies of their original application form and statements dated before 1996 using the DSAR method? Did you have to take as it as far as small claims court or the ICO to get the info? Also, does anyone know if Barclaycard used a shorter 9 digit account number in the early 1980's before they extended it to 16 digits? Thanks very much to anyone who can help
  20. If you paid the Tesco Cardholder Protection on a monthly basis then it must be PPI. Do you have any insurance policy documents that came with the credit card when the account was opened? Why not ring Tesco Bank and ask them for clarification? You might be able to claim a refund of the Sentinel annual premiums.
  21. You really need to find the RBS/Mint account number. Similar thing happened with my original SAR to RBS, I provided lots of personal info and all the addresses where the card was registered to and they said they could not find the account details. Fortunately, I found an old receipt that I'd kept for an expensive purchase (paid for by the RBS card), with the number still visible, so they were able to locate the records back to 2001. I opened it a few years before then, but RBS claim not to hold any statements before 2001, so the redress was estimated. My advice is to keep hunting f
  22. Any news yet, have they made you a final offer? I'm still waiting for a review of complaint I made that was turned down last year by Clydesdale.
  23. You can also take the SAR into your local branch of B&B and pay the £10 in cash if you prefer. They would pass it onto the relevant department.
  24. Exactly, no one could say you haven't tried to direct this money to its rightful owner. Hope an expert in these matters will come along soon and answer this query. Who knows maybe it will be yours in a few days time?
  25. It would be a good outcome if you could finally claim the money, you certainly deserve it for being so honest and doing the right thing. If the OR hasn't tried to access the funds over the past six years it suggests they aren't interested in them. Is it possible to find out if the outstanding debts have already been settled in full and that you are in the clear? Maybe once you are discharged you would become entitled to any redress payments. We really need an expert on bankruptcy to answer this one.
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