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  1. I did try the search facility before I donated to CAG and asked on this forum. Would it help if I had the thread number?
  2. Hi to anyone who can help me find a topic or thread entitled "My 6+ Year Claim Against HSBC" that was posted in 2017. It was about a poster who telephoned HSBC head office regarding a delayed DSAR response and spoke to a supervisor who said HSBC did not retain full customer details, only transactional records and would send him/her copies of statements from 1994. I'd like to see if they posted back saying they received them. Do any experts know how to locate this thread on the CAG forum? Cheers RQ
  3. I know exactly what you mean. I must have dreamt about my Barclaycard too. Maybe your loan and my credit card existed in a parallel universe ! The one the Terminator came from. If however, you haven't received the SAR by next Friday can you chase it up? DX is correct Aviva took over Hamilton Life
  4. I'll see if I can find anything about Hamilton Life but have you got the SAR back from Barclaycard yet, as 30 days have expired?
  5. Hi Mistermind Yes thanks I've seen it, but I didn't know that facility was available on CAG, clever. Anyway SAR looks OK, are you going to put the account number in before you send it, to help them process it quicker?
  6. Hi Mistermind Thats a massively generous offer and would really help if you did a SAR against your older Barclaycard, the one from the 1980’s. Can you ask them for the application/credit agreement and PPI policy document? Like you mentioned there’ s just enough time before the deadline. Send me a PM when you receive a response, or photo images with your personal details obscured. Thank you so much. You’re a hero!
  7. Thanks again Mistermind but could you be more specific? When did you close your older Barclaycards, was it before 1996? I did write to those same addresses and got nowhere. They both replied saying they cannot locate any details. I have been trying to find proof for the past five years that the card existed and had ppi on it. All I’ve got is the account number.
  8. Thanks Mistermind for responding. I was hoping you might have sent a SAR to Barclaycard and they managed to locate your credit agreement and PPI policy, so I could find out the name and address of the underwriter. If you pursued your complaint over the phone to them, I'm guessing your B/card was still running after 1997 because they can find PPI records back to then but not for B/cards that closed before 1996 like mine. I do have the account number but they said its too old to locate.
  9. Hi Mistermind Not just you, thousands of us However, if I hear of anything in the future that might help you, me and others I'll put it on this forum, so keep checking. One thing, did you actually put a PPI complaint in? If not, then I'd advise you do so, because it needs to be in before the August deadline, even if it doesn't make any progress. If, eventually you do find some evidence and submit a complaint after the 29th, the bank might reject it on grounds of being too late. Could I ask a favour? Would it be possible
  10. Can I ask when your Barclaycard was opened? Did they send you a copy of the credit agreement?
  11. Can you remember an approximate start and end date of the loan and how much it was each month?
  12. Join the club, as I got no further with my PPI complaints from the late 1980's/early 1990's either. From the sounds of it you've done everything possible to trace your old HFC account. Although, you could try failed SAR and take them to small claims for non compliance, lots of posters have gone down this route with some success when lenders have suddenly found the missing data just before the court date but these posters probably had the account number. Banks say they cannot search their archives without the correct reference number. I'm no expert on microfiche so
  13. is this post directed at Mistermind because I certainly wasn't suggesting a "mass consumer complaint"? If anything I was trying to point out how futile it could be. I also did not resurrect this thread. I received an email and simply responded not knowing it started six years ago, is this against CAG forum rules?
  14. The problem with trying to start a pressure group is that our stories are anecdotal, we've got no proof, other than a sneaking suspicion, that banks do have and are concealing data from customers. If you took it to court a judge would probably say it's hearsay. I'm hoping the FCA will instruct the banks to settle all their outstanding PPI complaints before the deadline. I had a HFC complaint about five years ago, for a loan I took out in 1996. It was one of the few lenders I had records for, so I sent in a copy of my loan agreement but they wrote back saying they needed to see evidence
  15. Thanks dx, but what good will it do if the claims already in the pipeline, still don't get investigated because the lender says it can't find the details?
  16. Hi Mistermind, thanks for your response. I'll try it later. Going back to your thread about getting old data from HFC/HSBC. Based on personal experience I think you'll struggle because this bank and several others do not admit to holding transaction history further back than 2001. I don't believe any of them, because a few years ago a certain bank was fined when the FCA discovered they were misleading FOS and held customer records from before 2000. When this review was published I requested my credit card statements for a closed account from 1996 and they sent all copies, havin
  17. Can I ask what phrases to type in the CAG search box to find the relevant posts ?Thanks very much
  18. Did they send you a copy of your credit agreement from 1996?
  19. Thanks Bank Fodder that's also very interesting to read. I will start a new thread in a few days about the NatWest/ICO issue, busy with car problems at the moment!
  20. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but if this helps anyone searching for NatWest current account statements, I managed to get mine dating back to 1992 with the help of the ICO. It seems to make a difference if your account is still active. But if you are seeking copies of credit card statements you can only request them back to 2001. I suspect they have earlier ones, probably in microfiche which NatWest won't confirm one way or another if these archives exist. Can I ask BankFodder about Santander having archives back to 1993. Did you receive any credit applications or tra
  21. Don't know if this will help but when my mum applied for Attendance Allowance it was all paper based. She didn't have to attend a medical but maybe the DWP wrote to her GP instead. It was the same for my mother in law but they are both in their eighties. I think it might partly depend on your age whether you have to be medically assessed and also your medical condition. Give as much information as you can on the form
  22. No, that was a separate query
  23. Sorry TB when I saw you'd been a cagger since 2010 I wrongly assumed you could read PM's. what I sent you was that I did not get anywhere with my query. I asked a few posters for help but none got back to me, other than what you can see in this thread. I'm not giving up yet, just trying to think what I can do to make some progress. You mentioned in your post having a B/card with 13 numbers, may I ask when the account was opened and did it start with 4929 ? Thanks
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