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  1. Rosequeen,  I have forgotten the sequence of clicks for sending a PM.  The following text is the SAR I shall send out later today to Barclaycard in Saffron Road Leicester -- unless you would like some amendment to my text:




    I do appreciate you are very busy, so I require only a minimum of document copies to which I am entitled under SAR regulations.

    For the oldest of my various Barclaycards which had PPI and for which you have one/both documents, please supply to me copies of:

    Credit Application Document

    PPI Policy Document

    There is no applicable fee for this data disclosure – unless you feel that my request is manifestly unfounded, excessive or repetitive – in which case you have a duty to let me know without any delay.  Under the new GDPR regime, you must satisfy this data disclosure request as soon as possible and in any event within one month.

    If there is specific information which you require in order to satisfy yourself as to my identity, please let me know by return however, you are not entitled to impose any formality upon me or to require that I complete any particular form or template before you comply with your statutory duty.

    If I do not hear from you then I will assume that this Statutory Request is satisfactory and that the 
    one month time limit has started on 1st July 2019.  If you say my data is no longer available having been destroyed, I require a Certificate of Destruction from you stating what data was destroyed when and authorised by whom. 

    Yours faithfully,

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    2. rosequeen


      Getting hold of the whole account numbers will help because the first six BIN numbers 492985 show that mine was a Barclaycard Visa credit card. 

      So when you get the SAR back you can check if you cards started the same.  There's a website called EXACT BINS where you can check which lender provided any card.

    3. Mistermind


      The deed is done, SAR posted for 2 antequated Barclaycards.


      Quick, make room in your bank account for £thousands arriving from Barclaycard, ha ha ha   😀

    4. rosequeen


      Hi, wish I could celebrate but having been knocked back by Barclaycard for the past five years, I've learned not to get my hopes up. 


      Nevertheless what you're prepared to do for me with the Sar info will give me more ammunition.


      Four more weeks to wait and see what arrives in your post, so fingers crossed for something positive, like the name and address of the previous PPI underwriter in the 1980's and maybe the original account number, because one of their senior managers told me that Barclaycard numbers were initially shorter in length, especially during the 1980's.  It would help to know what the first six BIN numbers were before they changed to 492985......


      Hope to hear from you soon,  best wishes, rosequeen


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