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  1. Just to update - Next have taken off (Experian confirmed). So they must realize they had made a mistake.
  2. Many thanks. History is Next registered a default in 2010 and then passed over to debt managers (same reference number) and the default changed to them. No payments were ever made for over 6 years. Default dropped off recently and then reappeared this week by' Next' themselves with a default date of 1.8.16. The amount they have defaulted on the 1.8.16 is actually £500 less than was originally reported. I have already raised a query with Experian and waiting for there response.
  3. Got a shock today and not sure what I can do apart from raise again with Experian? Old defaulted Next account (from 2010) and passed too Debt Managers which dropped off my credit file a few weeks ago has reappeared this week with a default date of 1.8.16? and crashed my credit file which was recovering.. Now my understanding was it was statue barred as it passed the 6 year rule? What can I do - i raised a query with Experian but I haven't any paper proof prior to it falling off my credit file?
  4. Thanks Fletch70. Although I do wonder why they registered a default 04/2013 and yet sent me a default notice dated 09/2016....
  5. Just a thought - looking at getting the default off my credit file; * original default placed 4/2013 * CFO threaten to actually default account 9/2016 - even though they already had placed? Could I not argue the above? Along with the correspondence I had at the time?
  6. Well still getting emails from these guys and texts offering a settlement. Interesting thing is whilst they said they were going to default me in September.....I have just had a look at my Experian report (free trial) and they had actually placed a default in 2013.This is not showing on Noodle.. They had defaulted the account at the same time as offering me 'resolve'. So slightly confused by the threat of a default when they had actually already defaulted. I wonder if the next step is court action..
  7. Well just thought I would drop by, as no updates as yet. Thought I would have had a letter of direction back from the courts - but reading the court letter again, it says the claimant had to contact me and had 28 days otherwise the claim would be stayed? Not heard a thing so assume its stayed?
  8. CFO are the original creditor - as they are the PDL i used. Any recommendations how to play this - do i write to them with copies of all the emails i sent / received offering Resolve and make a complaint / report them to FCA for dragging on and then 'defaulting' the account 3 + years later? What next a CCJ claim from them - bring it on - i will fight them. Looks as though now CFO are out of business, but trying to collect from old customers - very shoddy outfit of a company.
  9. i have had a couple of old PDL's and these have just resurfaced texts/emails. History is.. Last payment 20th December 2012. 17/12/12 - i asked about rolling over (ignored and went into default) 24/1/13 - called and emailed and asked to come to a repayment plan 25/1/13 - email received offering me 'resolve' with more money - never took but emailed and asked to come to arrangement - but again ignored. 28/1/13 - another 'resolve' email and i replied asking not to do this but come to arrangements - ignored again. all quiet.. 11/7/13 - offered resolve again. I emailed asking why no one would come to arrangement and i was keep being offered resolve. 15/7/13 - received a response saying they could come to a payment plan - i emailed and asked for details on how much i owed etc and what resolve was - this was ignored. 24/2/14 - received another email offering 'resolve' but no answers to my questions. 15/3/14 - received yet another 'resolve' offer and click 'here' email 19/3/14 - i emailed back and said they were out of order pursing the debt whilst not giving me any information etc and i would report them if i didn't receive the information back. 11th may 2016 - received a email saying 'redress' and i now owe them less money due to a review on my account.. August 2016 - Email received saying they are going to default me if i don't pay the sum due in 14 days (now had the default email). Texts also started and calls... I don't want a fresh default (3 year and 9 months after last payment) - and they had total ignored my previous requests and tried to trap me in previously with 'resolve'.. To date not on my credit files. Reading through here it seems they are sending defaults out on mass now - which can't be right. I owe around £600 - but these people are very aggressive to deal with when you do speak too (not that i will now).. Ironically, i would have paid if they had helped me at the beginning but its getting silly now. How do i sort this out once and for all?
  10. Ok guy's i have received the attached letter from Arrow today. i'm thinking its probably one of there standard letters. I haven't heard back from Orange as yet with my SAR request. I assume i am waiting for a letter from the court with directions? letter.pdf
  11. Fingers crossed Dx100uk - they nearly had me at the first hurdle - lets see what they say.
  12. Brilliant (again thanks DX) - expect Arrow will be mad... Anyway now to wait for their response (apart from telling me to go away with my cpr request) i sent a SAR to Orange so await their response and then can move forward..
  13. Ok guy's had a letter back from the courts today.. ' i acknowledge receipt of your defence. A copy is being served on the claimant ( or the claimants solicitor) . The claimant may contact you direct to attempt to resolve any dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, the claimant will inform the court that he wishes to proceed. The court will then inform you of what will happen'. Then goes onto say the claimant must contact the court within 28 days etc otherwise the claim would be stayed. Does this sound like my defence has been accepted and the claimant had not submitted a request for default judgement quick enough?
  14. Thanks guys and thanks DX100uk for your help last night. Just logged in and showing as defense received this morning. I'm just hoping that Reeston's request for default judgement hadn't been processed as i'm sure i read that the defendants defense - even if late would take preference over the claimants request for judgement (on the courts website). Lets wait to see what the post brings in the next few days...
  15. Yes as i can imagine claimant has sent a letter to court to enter judgement by default as well. So I assume next step will be a court letter saying accepted or too late...
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