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  1. Thank you for replying. Shame about the charges though. When I send an SAR, would it make sense to send a photocopy of my drivers licence and a list of previous addresses?
  2. Afternoon, Back in 1999 I purchased two items, a TV & a Hifi (on separate occasions) from Dixons on higher purchase over 48 months, on each loan. At the time I was a student with a job, and I wasn't informed about PPI being applied to the loan. It only came to my knowledge recently when rummaging through old paperwork, whilst clearing out my old room at my parents house. I have the account number for the TV loan (taken from a payment book) but nothing else. For the Hifi I have the account number, the credit agreement with amounts and printed on X in the Credit Protection Insurance section. The loan details for the Hifi are such: Sony Hifi £169.97 1+3 yr (I suspect this is the insurance) £75.00 Total cash price £ 244.97 Less deposit paid £ 30.00 Credit Amount £ 214.97 Interest Rate* 2.06% per month APR* 27.7% Anticipated number of monthly repayments 48 Amount of monthly repayments £ 7.87 The loans were underwritten by HFC The TV I think was around the same price, but without any actual amounts I'm unsure. On both of these accounts I do recall getting behind on my repayments later on into the loan, and gaining a lot of bank charges, to the point that I had to loan money from my parents at the time to both clear the charges and the loans. I've never tried to get these charges back as I didn't think I had the documents with it being so long ago. My really after some guidance as I not sure how to proceed with reclaiming both the PPI and the charges. I did recently do a SAR request using the account number for the TV loan however HSBC wrote back to me saying that they now service HFC accounts and they have been unsuccessful in their search to locate my account, using the information I have given them (account number, my name, & my old address). They have asked for: personal information - Previous address history and date of birth. legal agreement to confirm the account information bank statements to show the account had the benefit of Payment Protection Insurance, including proof of any early settlement payments. They have also said that they have destroyed the cheque for £10 that I sent to them. I am thinking of starting from scratch as I haven't sent a request for the Hifi loan and I have thought that it would be easier to start the TV loan request again along with the Hifi so that the dates will tally. Could someone point me in the correct direction, as I've been reading a lot of posts on here and several other website & forums and I seem to be getting lost in how to go about gaining both the information relating to the accounts & their charges and if I receive that information how then to proceed with reclaiming the PPI & the charges. Family & friends has advised passing it all over to a PPI company, however I would only like to do this as a last resort, as it would feel like a bit of a defeat. I have reclaimed bank charges in the past for family and some for myself but from what I've read the whole procedure has changed since 2007 when I did it for them. Thank you for your time, and I'm very sorry for the length of this post I just wished to give as much information as possible. Again thank you
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