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  1. Ok thanks Andy so the advice is to sit and wait it out? i wasnet sure whether to just get my folks to write to them to say that this person no longer lives here which i dont?
  2. Hi Long time lerker first time poster. Ive had a read through previous threads to see if could get my questions answered but havent really seen anything that relates to my query so im putting out there on here for a response. Right basically went to uni in 1999 took a student account out with lloyds tsb with an over draft of £1500 all was fine. Finished uni brought an house happy days overdraft remained. Gets to 2008 still with the overdraft in place but still within its limits i get a letter from lloyds telling me that as i am no longer a student i have to change accounts and pay back the overdraft. Having never been overdrawn in an unauthorised way and still using the bank everyday for wages bills etc i was a bit miffed but understood so i contacted them and said i cant pay that much all in one go but if you reduce my overdraft by £100 a month ill pay it off in 15 months. Both parties were happy with this with an agreement that it would be looked at in 6 months time. And so it continued. I then get a on the 24th of December 2008 advising me that as it was my 6 month review my overdraft had been removed and now i was being charged at £100 a day for an unauthorised overdraft as my account was £900 overdrawn. With the date being christmas eve and this being a friday if i remember rightly the banks were shut the 25th (saturday) 26th (sunday) 27th (bank holiday) so i was charged 4x £100 until the banks reopened again in the mean time my mother had paid £100 for xmas into my bank meaning this got swollwed up in charges. Anyway i immediately created a complaint as again i understand but the timing of it and the fact the letter was sent in xmas post was disgraceful... as advised by lloyds i put my complaint in writing, advising that i would not make any further payments until this complaint was addressed, i finally got a response in April confirming that the complaint had been found in my favour and i would have all the charges wiped clean mentioned in the complaint but would still have all the charges in place after that ie again charged at a daft daily rate (this figure has slipped my mind) any way i again spoke to the complaints department and they advised that they would not budge on this so i just adavised as far as i am aware the debt is still £936 or what ever the exact figure was and if we could continue with the arrangement id clear it in 9 months but lloyds insisted that the charges are to be paid. Anyway to cut a long story short i advised i wouldnt pay and they can jump for the rest. Ive had various debit collectors send me stuff over the years all ignored Fast forward to last week and i gets a letter sent to my mums house...from good old Bryan Carter sols We have been instructed by fredrickson internation on behalf of Lowell fincial Limited to issue court proceedings on 17th March 2014 if payment of this debit (£1701.02) is not receievd by that date. Etc So basically the debit has jumped up from £900 odd quid to £1701.02 I just need some advice from here as with it being an overdraft i think its a bit different to just a nornal loan isnt it? Im so close to statue barred id rather see if i can see it out but theres just something about this letter and it being from good old Bryan Carter that has got me worried. I currently live with my girlfriend who owns the house we live in, im not on the mortgage or deeds or anything and i dont have any documentation coming to this address and as pointed out the letters are going to my parents house who are happy to go with what ever i want to do ie sending good old Bryan a letter this individual doesn't live here but i need advice from your good selves if possible first. Thanks in advance
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