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  1. Thanks for this link dx. Much appreciated. I'm going to send one CCA request to MacKenzie Hall (relating to a HP debt which is 10+ years old). I think i can dig out the original CCA for one of the debts as is just over 5 years old - a Halifax loan I defaulted on (now in hands of Solicitors Drydens Fairfax.. have been paying them £5 a month). What do I look for on this original CCA? Once I get a response from MacHall/receive a CCA back from them what is usually the outcome from this/what do I do next?
  2. Yes, it's all a big mess I know. I know collection agencies have no legal powers but even if I stop calling them they're not going to stop calling me. Plus if I ever want to get my credit rating back to normal I have to do something as have been advised they're impacting on this. rang Step Change today . .took me through the usual income and expenditure and advised me to send their template letter (which they've emailed me) offering a reduced monthly payment of £5 a month to each. I asked about what I should eventually offer in terms of full and final settlement fi
  3. Hi, I'm new here and hoping I can find some help and advice. We have several debts (some in my husband's name but most unfortunately in mine). Some of which are over 10 years old. I've been maintaining payment arrangements with the several collections agencies dealing with them for very small amounts (between £5-£10 a month) for years now. Now I'm in the situation where I have recently separated from my husband mid Jan and am now a single parent, starting over at 40+. We are putting the house on the market but there will be very little equity left in the proper
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