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  1. Yes I've 'learnt my lesson', but what I was asking for was advice on how to proceed not to be told off about what already happened and cannot be undone. I don't see any of that in your post
  2. Hi all. Last Friday we became aware of our kitten having an abscess located above his anus. When we took him to our regular vet he drained the abscess and flushed it before leaving it open / supplying a cone. The vet told us not to let the cat lick the abscess and gave us painkillers to give with food once a day. Last night we observed blood on the floor where our kitten was sitting. On inspection it looked like the abscess had torn down to/ onto the anus. Concerned, we called the emergency vet for advice and were told to bring him in. We did so despite the quoted call-out fee of £17
  3. Please delete this thread, I'm worried about getting in trouble for asking you guys for advice.
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