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  1. I have ordered a CRA with Experian. Im just waiting of the Pin arriving. I want close it out. essentially remove if from my credit file & limit the negative affect it has, the best way to do this? im not sure I'm not paying and haven't paid since 2011. Never received any response to the SAR or CCA.
  2. The credit card was with Barclaycard in 2005. I first made a payment to HFO in mid 2007 but only statred paying regularly by DD in 2009 - 2011 until i got a statement in Mid 2011 (the only 1 ive received) stating after paying £700 off a £1500 debt that i still owed HFO £1900. I have not made any further payments. That when i contacted the CAB and took it from there. I sent a SAR to Barclaycard in 05/2011 - Citizens advice Bureau also sent a SAR to them in 07/2011 I sent a CCA to HFO in 05/2011 Citizens advice bureau contacted HFO and since then ive heard nothing until a letter in 10/
  3. Hi I was wondering if someone can offer any advice. I deferred on a credit card in my youth. Around £1500. This got passed on to HFO Service. After some contact I started paying it back. I payed around £800 back when I realised that they ahd added an extortionate amoun of interest on. I went to citizens advice etc ad they contacted them and all went quiet for a year or so. I sent them a CCA & SAR letter but have already payed some money back. I heard nothing apart from letters from Turnbull & rutherford. They have recently contacted again to say I still owe a
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