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  1. Thinking deeper - I thought I didnt put it out but it was on the floor when I got back so maybe I did or maybe I didnt. I doubt that changes anything. Was just saying
  2. what if you placed the disk there but it fell as you close the door and didnt see it before leaving?
  3. Really annoyed. I was in hounslow today on bath road with a disabled passenger. We parked the car correctly on a single yellow line, not blocking anyone in and disaplayed valid BB on dash. Got a PCN with reason "Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" The only reason I can think of getting the PCN is because I did not put the clock on the dash. We have had the BB for years and I've forgot to put the pass in previous occaisions and not had any problems. Maybe this was the problem and I was unlucky? Anyway, I will be appealing. Has anyone been in a similar situati
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