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  1. that is very interesting grotesque. thankyou for that. i wasn,t interested in any form of compensation, but this sounds like they are not at all interested in the safety of the people that are lining their pockets. i certainly feel very different towards them now.
  2. ok coniff, I will see what they have to say for themselves. I have filled a form in and sent it off, I also sent them a very strongly worded letter with it.
  3. sorry fkofilee, but I am a little bit out of touch. what are the TOC? please forgive my ignorance.
  4. I haven,t seen that grotesque, but I will take a look. thankyou. and no I don,t want to get involved with the press. but I would like someone to admit their mistakes and learn from them. it seems laziness on the part of the conductors here? I would hate for some poor sole to have a more serious accident.
  5. thankyou grotesque. I will contact them. I don,t think I will take them up on their offer. I will take the bus next time.
  6. hi all. this is the first time I have been here and would like some advice. yesterday morning I decided to take my two little granddaughters for a short train ride to go visit the park. the girls are both 2yrs old and were very excited to be going on a train. all went well until we arrived at our stop and tried to disembark. I lifted the first child onto the platform and went to lift the second child from the train when the doors closed, trapping me in between them. I was pushing the doors and trying to open them, but this was almost impossible.
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