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  1. BazookaBoo:


    They sold it to me as a refurb, but it was new. They made out I was getting a great deal as I was getting a brand new laptop but paying less and on the system it was down as a refurb, they were apparently able to offer this to me due to a stock imbalance.

    No, i dont have contents insurance, so I have the DLC.

    So, even though it is a refurb I can still insist they sort it under SOGA? I wanna know what I'm talking about before I go and speak to the store manager on monday as they've already tried to fob me off once! But i need to know what Im talking about.

    Thanks for your reply x

  2. Hi all,

    I'm really hoping someone can help.


    I have had a laptop with BH for two years.

    It was sold to me as refurbished however the store manager who sold me it claimed it was brand new and there was a stock inbalance.

    Alarm bells should have rung and I should have insisted on a brand new laptop sold to me as a brand new laptop.


    I didnt have the OSC but I do have DLC.

    I previously had a problem with the screen and it was sent off under DLC and repaired. Great!


    Now days after this it began to switch itself off,

    then it completely stopped working to the point it will not even switch on.


    I bought a new battery, tried that. No luck.


    Spoke to BH who told me there was nothing they could do as I don't have OSC! My responsibility,

    meanwhile I have to continue paying for this item until Jan 2015.


    I took it myself to see how much it would cost to be repaired and was told it needed a new motherboard.

    Something that was not cost effective,

    it would cost in the region of £200-300.


    I'm just wondering where I stand,

    is there anything I can do.


    I have read and read, this forum has been great

    but I also now realise that because it was sold to me as refurbished,

    my rights are limited.


    Can anyone advise me on this?

    Thank you!

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