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  1. Just a quick update for everyone. I managed to get hold of the land owner - which was not Swansea University but the Wales National swimming pool located next door. I spoke to the director of the pool who was amazed that TPS was pursuing the matter given the circumstances. I emailed all evidence that I had collected to him and he instructed TPS to drop the matter. I was quite prepared to go all the way with this but the intervention of the land owner stopped the bullies.
  2. Thanks for that. Matter is still with POPLA and I am waiting for their reply! Will let you know ASAP.
  3. armadillo71 - thanks for the support - no reply from POPLA at the moment - what should I complain to POPLA about?
  4. Thanks for your support f16. This really does help. It seems like these guys are just bullies and I can imagine that a lot of people would be very intimidated by this. Will keep you informed. Any more advice at the moment?
  5. silverfox1961: Thanks for the reassurance. Can't believe that you have replied to me. I have been reading your advice to others on this site throughout the day and even tried to see if I could get in touch with you but I failed......now you're answering me! What is your experience in this field? I hope you're right. Just a little more information for you, I have contacted the University and I spoke to a security guard - it is them who issue the tickets at the car park and I then assume the enquiry is handed over to this cowboy company TPS to do the donkey work. I was advised to write to th
  6. Thanks for responding. No, nothing from POPLA yet but I wonder why the anonymous paperwork on 6th March and the letter from Debt Recovery Plus on 7th March - call me cynical but both within 2 days of the date of appeal!? I smell a rat - maybe they (TPS) know something I don't.
  7. My son is a 2nd year University student and is entitled to park in a private car park adjacent to the University (I believe this land may be owned by the University). Last year he was issued with a parking permit which was to be displayed on the windscreen of the car when parked in the car park. Since the start of this term (September) he has continually asked staff at the University for his valid parking permit for this academic year however the issuing of the permit has been slow to say the least. On 4th December, he received a Charge Notice from Total Parking Solution
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