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  1. Thanks very much for your advice, I was at the point of giving up but I'll try following your suggestions
  2. I sent a copy of the statement initially to RBS with identity of business advisor who insisted I have the policy, also sent copy to ombudsman 'special delivery' 16 months ago (which they lost) had to send again a few weeks ago. whether the length of time elapsed (12yrs) is an issue I don't know. Do you know how the case could be escalated if the Ombudsman has found against you?
  3. Hi thanks for response I'm not sure about the difference between first tier adjudicator and Ombudsman proper, my case has been with the ombudsman for 18 months, the person currently dealing with my case had received information back from RBS that there was no record of PPI. As I've said I have a copy statement which shows otherwise, confused as to why they are ignoring this.
  4. Hello All. Just completed 2 yr battle with RBS for misold L & E loan guard PPI. Although I provided a copy of RBS statement showing D/D payments to L&E loan guard they say I never had PPI, Ombudsman agreed. The loan guard was applied to a loan 12 years ago. Does anyone know if there are any other steps I can take? thanks
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