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  1. Its taken them a while to respond, but here is their reply: "21 March 2014 Dear XXXXX Re: Total Fitness Membership Number: xxxxx Further to your email dated 10th march 2014 regarding the cancellation of your total fitness membership. We confirm as per our previous correspondence membership is a commitment for a minimum period of twelve months regardless in changes in personal circumstances and cannot be cancelled within the first year. However we have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to allow you to terminate your agreement waiving the remaining balance
  2. Thanks for your response slick132, i have sent them a very similar email to the one you just composed. Thank you for that. Ill post total fitness' response here when i get it
  3. Thanks for your help guys, I'll write to them asking for a breakdown of the cancellation fee and my signed T&Cs as i do not have a copy of this. The current T&C on their website states this: "In unusual circumstances and at the Company’s discretion, the Membership can be cancelled by paying the current membership cancellation / administration fee. " This seems rather ambiguous to me as they get to decide what counts as an 'unusual circumstance' but ill get a copy of the one i signed as it might differ to this. I'll post their response here when i receive it along
  4. I'm currently not sure how to proceed with this, I have sent one email and they have responded but pretty much ignored what I said. Before i purchased the membership i was told there would no cancellation fee if i had to cancel the contract due to relocation for work. I admit my mistake was that i didn't get this in writing so I'm not sure if i have a leg to stand on when it's their word against mine. Here's the email i sent on 28/02/14: "Dear Sir or Madam Cancellation of gym membership. Member ID: xxxxxxxx I wish to cancel my gym membership with Total Fitness due to havin
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