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  1. Thanks guys. So as i understand it guys 1. N244 application + £80.00fee 2. Attached order along the lines " In accordance with the courts power pursuant to CPR rule 8.1(3) t he Claimant seeks the court leave/permission to transfer the matter to CPR part 7.Claim." 3. Witness statement basically asking for the words in the order 4. In addition Witness statement to provide explanation behind the request. 5. witness statement must have a truth statement. be dated and signed What about agreeing with other party? How likely will court agree to the transfer? In ot
  2. Would the following do, or is there a better way to express the request to the court? "In accordance with CPR rule 8.1(3) The Claimant seeks the court leave/permission to transfer the matter to CPR part 7.Claim." Anyone care to comment
  3. Hi honeybee , yes but also claimed for intentional distress as well, harassment. There is a case Norweb Plc -v- Dixon [1995] 1 WLR 636 but cannot find any legal case law on it. Does someone have a link to the proceedings? But I am generally looking for similar of other cases of loss and or harassment or breach of contract via non performance etc. So my query is quite broad. Thanks
  4. Hi ladies and Gents, Can anyone conform if part 7 pleadings need a statement of truth include at the end of the pleadings or are statements of truth only for witness statements.? Can anyone help?
  5. Can anyone provide any recent case law with energy companies There is a well known one Ferguson v British Gas Trading Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 46. does anyone know of any others?
  6. There is the need to introduce experts evidence and feel witness statements are ot best suited to getting full disclosure , facts are growing into disputed items so rather tahn narrow issues , the isssues are growing and need to be fully aired. looking to undertsand how to drive the change rather than simply be led by court. What would prevent the courts power under CPR 8.1(3)?
  7. Hi Guys, Can anybody tell me how to make an application to transfer procedings started in CPR 8 to main stream CPR part 7, What application form or form of words should I use ? Do I need the court's permission? what happens of court refuses permission to transfer?
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