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  1. Thank you for your detailed reply. i only contacted an installer, they didn’t come out to the property. They said that they could see from the online epc that it already had insulation. yes we have the original epc, printed out from on line and I also have the original marketing brochure given to us by the estate agent with the epc also printed on it. i will have a look at the link you posted. The assessor amended the epc tonight whilst I was talking to him and emailed me across the new one. I will check to see if this is now also online and overwritten the previous one. the bungalow was built in 1988 going by the deeds. the building society did a standard home buyers survey. I will see if I have the report. what do you think.
  2. thank you so much. We bought a bungalow two years ago and have since had nothing but problems with it being very cold (for my disability I use morphine and the pain I have makes me feel very cold). We moved from a nice insulated new build to an older bungalow as I could no longer use the stairs after a horse riding accident. we only wanted to buy a bungalow that had a similar heating efficiency to the house that we had just sold so that I knew it would be warm. After the first winter I contact a cavity wall insulation installer to redo the walls (we already had it but thought it might need topping up). They came back saying they couldn't do it as we had already had it done in the past. Well now the cold nights are well and truly underway, its cold, very cold. I'm sat here now 13degrees and hurting like hell. I decided to get the paperwork out to check the ratings etc and what they recommended we could do to improve. There wasn't much more to be honest as most had been done. Husband decided to check to see if there were any parts on the outside brickwork that had been missed with the insulation. Well he couldn't find any drill cement plugs at all, not anywhere. i went online to see if I there was a register for the certificate you get when you have houses insulated. CIGA have confirmed our suspicions that there is no certificate for our property meaning it hadn't been done. I got a copy of the EPC on line and found the details of the assessor. I have spoken directly with him and he has confirmed that he has made a mistake and it says none and that he could amend it and issue us with a new certificate so we can get it done. I did say that if we had of know this at the beginning we would have not bought the property. We have had damp wall in the outside corners, which my Husband realised was caused by the cold and warm air and drilled holes in the walls of the bedrooms where it was happening and filled them with expanding foam. Since he had done this the wet damp patches have not returned, reinforcing our thoughts even more. Phew - so having looked at the property ombudsmen regarding a formal complaint and it says that we have to lodge it in writing with the estate agents and give them 8 weeks to respond. If they don't respond satisfactorily we that then refer the matter to TPO. I want to make sure that I don't leave anything out in my complaint letter so that every aspect is covered should it go further which is why I was wondering if there was a template. Obviously it is good that he has straight away been honest, but at the same time makes me not happy that for two years we have had heating full blast and been a nightmare to keep warm. Any help or advice would be so helpful. (apologies if I have missed any typos, isat here with my coat on and fingers numb
  3. Please forgive me if this isn't in the right place or I have missed it. I am needing to lodge a complaint with an Estate Agent to give then I think the 8 weeks to respond before taking the matter further (if needed) to the Property Ombudsman. Could someone please point me in the right direct so that I know that I have included everything I need should the matter need to be pursued further. Many thanks in advance.
  4. As you can see this is my first visit so please be gentle as I need some help regarding sending a letter of complaint to my bank. I opened a A&L Premier Direct account in March and also referred a friend (my partner). The lady on the phone said that we would both get £50 if she did it for me there and then. No problem, all sorted. I also referred my mum to get another £50. After not hearing anything I chased A&L this week and they said that I hadn't met all the criteria. err scuse me yes I have. everything was set up and paid in on time. No they said, you didn't send in the slip for referring your partner. I explained that the lady on the phone had said she sorted everything out and that I didn't need to do anything. The lady told me that I would need to complain in writing. Why, oh why do you have to fight for everything???? I believe that some of you may have a letter template that I can use. With regard to referring my mum. they said that I would need her account number. Surely they shouldn't expect people to hand over account numbers and besides as this was a referral I was arranging we did send in the slip, so they should have all these details. Any help would be great please as all in all they owe me £150. I know this is probably pence compared to some of the money banks owe you guys. Sam
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