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  1. Very true. I'm just curious though, as to what happens in the event that the matter is still being "settled" when the sale goes through and said proceeds are sitting somewhere waiting to be distributed? I guess I'm just trying to be clear about the process, under those circumstances. Many thanks for your continued advice/time, specially on a Friday night
  2. I only have time to write a quick response right now, but I've advised my friend to obtain copies of land registry entries, which she is now doing. Also, thanks very much to everyone for the on-going advice! Rexroth/steampowered: you both make mention of an order to sell/order for sale. Under those circumstances, what happens to the equity released from sale in lieu of an agreement between the parties on how it's divided? Does the bank hold on to it? The solicitor handling the sale? Or do they both just receive a cheque in the post for half (assuming joint tenancy of the equitable interes
  3. Many thanks for the informed (uninsured or otherwise!) and detailed reply, BazzaS. I'll try as best I can to answer the questions you've put to me... In reply to this question, my friend said "yes, there is a deed, but our mortgage lender retains possession of it until the loan has been paid off". At least, she thinks that's the situation. Does that answer the question? She has a "deed of covenant" which has both her and her ex partner's names on it. She has a letter from the original solicitors who dealt with the sale, which was received upon completion which says "the title deed
  4. Hi all, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in a sensible place, but googling the problem I'm posting about lead me to another similar post in this forum. If there's a more appropriate place to ask this question, then I request that a mod moves the thread. Thanks! I'm writing this on behalf of a friend of mine, in relation to a dispute over the sale of a property jointly owned and the division of any equity such a sale releases. The person in question purchased a property with her partner. They were NOT married. No legal documents
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