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  1. This was suggested a long time ago, but getting the numbers could be a problem. Majority of residents are not remotely interested. We manage the complex, the problem is with the Freeholder.
  2. It is not the cost. VM will not pay anything on principle.
  3. I live in a flat complex of 36 flats. These are leasehold, and the landlords agent is SIMARC. We are attempting to arrange for VIRGIN MEDIA (VM) to install a broadband and TV cable system in the complex. (VM) are willing to go ahead, and applied to SIMARC for wayleave permission. The response from SIMARC: We wish to confirm that we, ourselves, would not be able to sign your agreement on behalf of our clients, the Freeholders without first sending the papers to our client’s solicitors for their comments. We are informed our clients solicitors fees are £250 plus VAT and upon rece
  4. I have saved a copy of the lease here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k531ydu14q25ev5/THIS%20LEASE.pdf Only various personel details have been edited.
  5. These are the relevant paragraphs from my lease. (4) The Lessor has agreed with the Lessee for the sale to him of the property hereinafter described (being part of the property comprised in the above title) together with the flat erected thereon at the price of ********* subject to the payment of a yearly rent of £60.00 hereinafter reserved and the covenants conditions and provisions hereinafter contained TO HOLD the demised premises unto the Lessee from the seventh day of September one thousand nine hundred and eighty one for the term of NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY NI
  6. Sometimes you can 'force' payment of the GR by paying by standing order/bank transfer into their account if you know the details. They are wise to this, I did have their original bank details, I tried using them but it was rejected. It has either to be paid via their www site or cheque.
  7. Thanks again, I have now run out of time, before they set the Legal wolves on me.
  8. I have Rx'd this from Simarc. Dear Sir Thank you for your email, the contents of which we note. We would like to point out that our fees have been found to be reasonable (see HM Courts and Tribunal Service case reference: CAM/00KG/LVA/2013/0001). If you are in any doubt whatsoever regarding this matter we suggest you seek independent legal advice. http://www.residential-property.judiciary.gov.uk/Files/2013/June/CAM_00KG_LVA_2013_1_12_Jun_2013_14_21_42.htm
  9. I believe that if I pay, it will be an admission that I am agreeing to their terms.
  10. I can see this is going to be a hard battle, but I have no intention of giving in to their tactics. P.S. We are self managed, the F.H. only collects G.R.
  11. Once again, thank you for your ongoing advice. I am awaiting an answer from Simarc, on the legality of their claim for admin charges.
  12. Just had this reply from Simarc. Dear Sir Thank you for your email dated 1st April 2014 regarding the above mentioned property. Firstly, please be advised that your ground rent is £60.00 per annum payable yearly in advance on 18th January each year and this is stated clearly in your Lease. Please note our fees are determined by the time spent and work undertaken on each separate file. We are not obliged to go into any further details with regards to arrears file preparation as this is work undertaken by Simarc on behalf of the Freeholders. Furthermore, as the leaseh
  13. In one word.....NO On the online account page it just states " Total Fee and other charges"
  14. Thanks. There is no attached schedule...... Probably they just double the actual GR
  15. I have checked my lease, no mention at all Re. admin/ late fees. Simarc just state: Our processing and other administration costs incurred to date have been added to your account as per the attached schedule. I did try to pay the normal G.R. this was rejected. They will not accept anything less than than double the normal G.R.
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