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  1. Wow, never thought of that. Will write to them too. We will take this all the way, if that is what it takes. I assumed that the number had been harvested through one of those silent calls, where if you answer, they know it's a valid number. Thanks for pointing this out. Terrible the lengths we are going to have to go to to stop this.
  2. Will do, thanks. I think I will forward the letter to the relevant authorities, and make him aware I am doing so. We just want them to stop!
  3. Thank you so much, this is just what I need. I don't really want to give them my details, but if it puts an end to this I will. Court sounds like an idea, but we're all in poor health, so would have to think about it. I will update this thread and let you know what happens. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I've joined this forum to try to get some help for my husband's elderly parents, who have been receiving frequent messages from these people, and are causing a great deal of distress. They have been hounded by nuisance calls generally, which lead to them reporting it to the police a few months ago, and getting their phone number changed. My MIL almost fell foul of a 'Microsoft' fix-your-computer [problem] call, which we think might have got them put on a sucker list. Anyway, they have a new number, and have gone ex-directory, but have since started getting calls from MMF tha
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