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  1. Claim was 2009 and no I do not have the claim form, is there a way of getting a copy?
  2. HFO services on behalf of MBNA. Did not defend as I was "green" to their ways back then, big mistake.
  3. Thanks will do, I too have received "the letter" today from HFO Capital requesting all correspondence and enquiries to them from now on.
  4. I have a CCJ which is collected direct from my wages via an AOE, should I be looking to get this stopped ?? If so how do I get this done ?? I doubt that my pay-bills dept will just stop without the courts say so.
  5. fecked off

    Argos Card

    I have only got a few statements and the CCA which show that PPI was applied, I will SAR Argos to get full history. As I said originally I was using a management company and thought they had done all the graft, ha they did sod all but get me CCJ with one of my creditors! they lodged my claim with Argos and the FOS, even though it was out of the FOS remit (muppets). I should have done all of this myself, lesson learnt. Any further advice would be appreciated.
  6. fecked off

    Argos Card

    Thanks for looking DX and excuse my ignorance, but how would I go about working out the PPI ?
  7. fecked off

    Argos Card

    Hi Folks, I have a defaulted Argos store card which I was approached to take out in store back in 2001, I fell behind with payments when personal family problems happened, and defaulted in 2006. I had been making payments of £1 to most creditors via the CCCA initially, then a claims management company who I dumped 18 months ago (worse thing I ever done was to use them in the first place). Fredriksons are the latest DCA to chase me for this debt of £752.02 and 2 weeks ago I received a letter from the Infamous Bryan Carter solicitors stating that they have been instructed to issue court proceedings if payment is not received by 03/03/14, I have an extension on this as I have sent a formal complaint to Argos regarding PPI which was on the card, and they refuse to return. I am also questioning the qualifications of the sales advisor who prompted me to take out the card in the first place, I have heard that this is relevant if this does go to court ?? I have now been provided with a copy of my signed CCA, and would appreciate any advice as to what I can do. Thanks in advance.
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