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  1. Hi If it is any consolation to you Lowell could not run away fast enough when they found out that Lloyd's were in breach of a Cca request(Lloyd's admitted they could not find a agreement). They also took a capital one card all the way to allocation of track before discontinuing and running away. Good luck with your dealings with them and I hope you get as good a result as I have Ogg
  2. The court have confirmed that it has been discontinued. Lowell seem to be the only people who don't know it's discontinued. Strange situation .i don't want Lowell to come back with the excuse that Brian acted against there wishes . Basically I am trying to ready an argument against them reinstating a claim against me .i know they have to get the courts permission to do so under cpr 38.7 . They didn't enjoy me laughing down the phone at them when they tried to claim the alleged debt had now risen by over £1400 due to court costs ,solicitors fees and interest .They were especially unhappy when I explained that they had discontinued and I thought they were a bunch of clowns. Cheers Oggmac
  3. Hi I have spoken to Lowell today and they have informed me that they haven't given Carter's instruction to discontinue.but having spoken to Carter's they have discontinued due to instruction by Lowell's(how incompetent is that) .As far as I am concerned the case is discontinued. But how do I stand legally if Lowell insist that they didn't give instruction to Carter's . Would they still need to seek the courts permission to file again?
  4. The first thing that I thought was that they are trying to avoid the possibility of costs. If that turns out to be the case I have every intention of making life uncomfortable for them
  5. Ok thanks I will phone the courts again tomorrow and get clarification and how to proceed with a general order I'll let you know how I get on Thanks once again Dave
  6. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reply I have received the notice of discontinuance from Carter's as you state above.but when I contacted the court they said they have received notice of settlement from Carters I asked the court if they meant discontinuance and they said ,no it's marked as settled. Will the court send details of what Carter sent them and how do I go about finding out why the case has been dropped Thanks Dave
  7. Hi I have been fortunate enough to receive notice of discontinuation from Llowel/carters Upon phoning the Courts they have received notice of the matter being settled. I appreciate both these mean that the case against me is over,but also appreciate they are not quite the same thing.does it make any difference? Regards Ogg
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