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  1. Thanks folks for getting back to me so quickly . They did not notify her of the change in direct debit date. I haven't seen the letters but I will find out from her later and give you more details. She doesn't own a car that they can take so that is one less problem Cheers
  2. I would be really grateful if anybody can offer advice on this. My stepdaughter had a payment arrangement with Marsden's for an outstanding water bill. They recently changed the date of her direct debit causing one payment to "bounce". as a result, they then sent a letter to say that unless the full amount is paid now they will come to take goods and she doesn't need to be there when they do which sounds like a threat to break in and help themselves when she's at work. She is aware she owes the money and is happy to continue paying as per the previously agreed payment plan but they only want the full amount which she cannot afford as it's several hundred pounds. She is several months pregnant and has already suffered a couple of miscarriages so the stress is something she really doesn't need. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers all.
  3. Thanks I will look into that. Appreciate you taking the time to offer your help. Cheers Billy
  4. Thanks dx100uk. In your opinion would it be worth complaining to the Credit Report company about it still being on her report ? Thanks, Billy
  5. Thanks dx100uk. The letter of assignment for the biggest debt from Shop Direct/Very to Arrow was October 2014. I believe the smaller debt is still owned by Argos but may be being collected Moorcroft. Cheers, Billy
  6. Many thanks for that. I'll post them tomorrow. As a matter of interest is it legal for Arrow to have added this to her Credit Report? Many thanks Billy
  7. Thanks for replying. The biggest debt was originally with Very catalogue . The original catalogue account was from over 20yrs ago probably. She first had problems paying maybe 15 years ago but doesn't know when defaulted Now down to 1200 ish from 6K ish. This is on her Credit Report as a debt to Arrow with no dates or a default etc'??? The second is Argos Card services Was opened in 2002 Timescale as with above debt. Listed on Credit Report as owing 300 ish with no default date. Thanks Billy
  8. Thanks for replying. The original debts were from possibly 15 years ago. She struggled to pay them for a few years but eventually had to go to Stepchange to get help in around 2013. NCO/Arrow took over the largest one in 2014 and then Capquest took it over in 2016. She doesn't have an account with a reference agency to check her file but I could help her do that if necessary . She hasn't requested a CCA and she's not sure what that is. Moorcroft took over the smaller one in 2018 Thanks again Billy To update this I've just checked her credit file for her with Credit Karma and the both of these debts are still showing Thanks, Billy
  9. I would be grateful if anybody could offer any useful advice on this. Sorry if it's in the wrong forum. My girlfriend has been paying off debts years through Stepchange. I may be in the position to pay a large percentage of the final 2 debts , the largest 1 is with Capquest, and I wondered how to go about making a full and final settlement. Also I wondered if anybody has an idea of the percentage of the debt likely to be enough for them as I can't pay the full balance. Many thanks in advance Billy
  10. It appears it is because I am leaving a few days early. Change the date to exactly 12 months into my contract and they won't charge me. Bit childish of them but oh well. Cheers all
  11. I don't know to be honest. I will log onto my account and see if it's mentioned. Thanks
  12. Hi all. Please could anybody give advice. I am having financial problems and decided to cancel my BT phone, internet and tv and switch to Talk Talk to save £25 a month. My BT account contract is up start of October so I set up my new account to start in September. BT want paying for the part month which is fair but also want to charge me £65 for Broadband equipment and £24 for TV equipment which seems unfair. Is this right? I'm doing my best to reduce my spending and that feels like a kick in the teeth. Thanks in advance
  13. Just an update for everybody who kindly offered help and other feedback. I today received a reply to my Statute Barred letter saying "We are closing your account and you will no longer be contacted by us or anyone on our behalf". Many thanks for your kind support. Billy.
  14. Well Bazooka Boo at least a letter like that would show they're not sulking about me not paying them! And to be honest even if it wasn't Barred I wouldn't be paying them because I have been off work for some time with a long term health problem. Cheers Billy
  15. I guess you mean this bit ? "A firm must not continue to demand payment from a customer after the customer has stated that he will not be paying the debt because it is statute barred." 7.15.8 Cheers, Billy
  16. I hadn't thought that through had I? Haha Hope that's the end of it then. Not that I'll lose any sleep because I know it's well past it's date by years. Just the letter was a bit annoying. Many, many thanks to you all for your help.
  17. Well that's my Statute Barred letter posted. Is there any timeline they need to comply with regarding their response? Cheers all.
  18. I will. Thanks so much for your help. P.S Just noticed that on my letter with a Cabot letterhead the letter starts with "Welcome to Cabot" but goes on to say this " In order to continue providing you with the best possible service we have returned your account to Cabot to deal with you directly"!!! That sounds an awful lot like one person working for Cabot and dlc and he forgot which company the letter was from midway through writing it.
  19. Morning all. I am going into town today to post my Statute barred letter and a thought has just occurred to me. Can I send this " signed for delivery " when it is a PO box address?? Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  20. Thanks I will. I assume it's ok by email? Then I have a record of it being sent. Appreciate your time. Regards, Billy
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