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  1. I've had another look at the handbook and it says to refer to my Terms and Conditions and / or offer letter, two things which I haven't actually got as the offer was made over the phone so I've got no idea how to take it really. As for the contract thing, I was specifically brought on for 18 hours a week.
  2. Hey there, just found this forum and it seems like it would be good place to ask this question. I started a new part time job a few days ago under the pretense that I would be working 18 hours, which I'm more than happy with as I was only really looking for something that would allow me to make a little extra money while I focus on a few personal projects and freelance work. I've been there for around 3 days so far, and I've already had to do an additional 14 hours worth of shifts bringing my current weekly total to somewhere around 26 hours - this is significantly more than I signed up for. I haven't been given a formal contract as of yet, I've only had to sign off on the employee handbook. I've read through the section on overtime it has a standard overtime clause that most retail jobs seem to have these days (basically saying that I may be required to work reasonable overtime to meet the demands of the business). My question however is this: would there be any way around this, as in, could I realistically turn down extra shifts in the future if asked? I applied for the job under the pretense that its was part time at 18 hours a week (as advertised), my job application specifically mentioned that I was looking for a part time position and that the 18 hours would be deal for me, and I stated several times during the interview that I was only looking for part time work but could be flexible as to what days I was available. I have no problem with helping out from time to time, but I'm quite concerned that these extra shifts I'm having to work on my first week could potentially set a precedent that I want to avoid as much as possible (not to mention the whole thing with tax brackets). Any advice would be much appreciated. This whole situation has had me so stressed out to the point that I'm wondering if the Job is even worth it at this point....
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