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  1. I've had another look at the handbook and it says to refer to my Terms and Conditions and / or offer letter, two things which I haven't actually got as the offer was made over the phone so I've got no idea how to take it really. As for the contract thing, I was specifically brought on for 18 hours a week.
  2. Hey there, just found this forum and it seems like it would be good place to ask this question. I started a new part time job a few days ago under the pretense that I would be working 18 hours, which I'm more than happy with as I was only really looking for something that would allow me to make a little extra money while I focus on a few personal projects and freelance work. I've been there for around 3 days so far, and I've already had to do an additional 14 hours worth of shifts bringing my current weekly total to somewhere around 26 hours - this is significantly more than I signed up
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