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  1. I'm so happy for you! You've finally received your last payment, that must be a huge burden off your chest!! All well to you Kirstypoodle - I hope the rest gets their refunds eventually too. I've been promised my 3rd payment unfortunately that was over 5 days ago, so I'm still waiting. I have to be so patient!
  2. Hi jamierew, As commented by Kirstypoodle, I am definitely not Emerald posting on here as I was the one who started this Complaints thread! Similar to Kirstypoodle who have now received all but her last Installment payment, I have now received my 2nd payment from Emerald yesterday. They have deposited this directly into my HSBC Bank account - I've checked and it's there. So, to date: 1 X £100 (PAID) 1 X £100 (PAID) 1 X £100 (WAITING) 1 X £107 (WAITING) Totals £407.00 I agree Actionfraud was a waste of time. I've gone all the way to European Consumer Centre for Services - also a waste of time. Why do these services exist to cause more frustration to people who are already frustrated, I don't understand. I think if you continue to barrage Emerald with daily follow ups on where your money is, you'll eventually get it. I do believe they had funding problems trying to process all the refunds - but maybe they're finally sorting this out now and paying their customers (although rather slowly). I didn't believe them until I physically received my payments, which I did.
  3. Kirstypoodle, I think things are beginning to look promising! Emerald has recently (just 2 days ago) Just refunded me my first payment of £100. They emailed me to say they will pay the following: 1 X £100 (PAID) 1 X £100 1 X £100 1 X £107 Totals £407.00 So there is at least some silver lining around the clouds. I'm not amazed they've resorted to paying by Installments, but I've now received something at least and I'm hoping the rest will follow as promised. I'm really glad to hear that you've got your monies almost all in! Albeit for one more payment. All the best! I feel so relieved for you! Just wish I was already there like you.
  4. Hi Kirstypoodle, I tried to PM you but it said that you "have chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages". Maybe you need to adjust your settings? Anyway, I agree with you, rather than bombarding us with constant lies that the money has already been banked in, they should tell us a realistic time to expect the money. It gets people's hopes up so naturally people get really furious when the money doesn't come in. The latest story they told me was they sent their UK agent to bank in the money. That was 2.5 weeks ago. This follows previous attempts to send a bank draft which got lost somewhere in the post, and multiple funds tansfers that didn't work. I won't give up chasing them. I want my money back!
  5. Thanks for sharing your story, Kirstypoodle I am just amazed that you managed to get ANY money back at all! At least you got back something! It gives us, or me some hope that I MAY just recoup some monies back. I'm wondering if they are processing refunds systematically, i.e. you placed the order back in Nov and you're only getting refunds now. I placed the order in Jan -but like you, am still getting the round around. Have you been emailing them on a daily basis to chase for your money?
  6. luvlijubbuli, I don't know what to do to get Emerald Wholesale to refund me my monies, but all I can do is to continue writing to them (email) and continually bombarding them with abuse! And hope one day these cheats will give me back my money. Let me know if you get any positive results!
  7. Thank you so much. I will indeed register and find out more. I will post updates if I get any developments!
  8. Hi Rebel11, I've tried to track down the people behind Emerald Wholesale, through a Company Search. But I haven't been able to find anything as that Company doesn't seem to exist. I wrote to Emerald Wholesale via a letter and sent it to their address (as specified in their website): CW Naas Rd, Dublin, Ireland But of course, the letter was returned to me a week later with Royal Mail saying "no such address found". And Yes, I have contacted the Trading Standards who have referred me to the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) (As this Company is based in Ireland). UK ECC has replied that through their investigation "there are no appointed liquidators or administrators in Emerald Wholesale". And they just suggested I keep writing / following up with Emerald Wholesale for updates. Absolutely fruitless result, as you will note - from my 85 + emails over 5 months with that damn Company and still no refund.
  9. Hi luvlijubbuli I'm afraid you and I have been badly conned by Emerald Wholesale. I'm sorry to hear your plight, but now I know I'm not the only one in this horrible situation. Up to Friday 23rd May, I've have exchanged approx. 85 emails to date with Emerald Wholesale, and like your story, they've promised to refund my monies -even to the extent that they have the refund receipt on hand to show me - but of course I never see anything, and not a cent has been refunded, and they still continue to bombard me with lies of a refund. The bad news is - HSBC has officially written to me saying that they won't refund my monies as my payment to Emerald was a BILL Payment (or Bill Payment where you physically log in to your HSBC account to transfer the monies) and so I'm not protected under the VISA protection policy. I have complained to Financial Ombudsman, to Action Fraud, and even to the European Consumer Centre for Services, but you know what - NOTHING happened. No one has helped me, no police has started an investigation, Nothing, nada. I feel so cheated out of the system because on one cares, and everyone of these services have just treated my case as an Administration process. I am so at my wits end, I don't know what to do. I'm still waiting for my £400+ money of which I was cheated out of.
  10. Rebel 11 is right - that was the answer HSBC gave me too. I don't know who the so called Administrators of Emerald Wholesale is either. So I have no way of contacting them for my refund. There is no information provided on their website either. Emerald-wholesale.com
  11. The transaction reads: 13 Jan BP EMERALD WHOLESALE 406.91 "BP" is short form for "Bill Payment". HSBC will not issue refunds nor investigate if it's a Bill payment because they said I had made the payment myself, and it wasn't the merchant that processed the payment. Because of this I am not protected under the VISA card rules. Hope this clarifies!
  12. It was indeed paid by HSBC Visa Debit card, i.e. the money got deducted from my Bank Account directly. But HSBC deemed it a BACS payment, i.e. Bill payment and they said it's their Policy not to issue refunds if it's a Bill payment / BACS transaction.
  13. Thanks. I have googled - but could not find anything, and no reviews of the Company etc. The Company name is Emerald Wholesale and they deal with refurbished Ipads. It looks like I'm alone here.
  14. Thanks for the Information. This news is really dire because I'm in the industry and I know exactly where unsecured creditors stand in such a case - NO WHERE! Sigh
  15. Hi All, I strongly believe I am a victim of fraud and I have been cheated, and HSBC is doing nothing to help me. Chrono of events: Jan 13 - Placed order for one (1) iPad Air – Space Grey 32GB WIFI & Cellular, Paid £406.91, via VISA Debit card on HSBC website. Jan 27 - Cancelled order due to non delivery of the Ipad. Jan 30 - Refund was to be issued within 24 hours. Feb 12- Still no refund. Company said refund being processed. Feb 18 - Received Email notification that Company has ceased to trade Feb 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28 and Mar 3rd - Company has been informing me that funds have been released to them, my refund has been 'processed' and I should receive confirmation. Repeated empty promises after empty promises - but I have yet to receive anything until today. I called HSBC and they said because I had authorised the payment as a BILL PAYMENT on HSBC website, they will NOT issue a refund to me, and there is NOTHING they can do. I have complained to the FOS and lodged a complain with Action Fraud. I am running out of ideas. Please Help??? I really feel exasperated. I can't get a refund from this Company, and nor can I get a refund from my Bank. I am left empty pocket
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