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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks willowb - will have to go over this again. Have actually signed acceptance and put it in pre-paid envelope, but will reconsider. Although I was advised not to claim the 8% interest in another part of the site, until I take them to court?!?! Or should I reply now asking for the specific interest? I simply said in my letter £254.00 plus interest.
  3. Just my impatience kicking in WillowB - I sort of can't believe it has worked! I sent my Data Protection Act letter away ages ago, and got the statements from which I totted up the bank charges. I did not add the 8% APR - as I thought they were talking about a separate interest on charges which I didn't think I had been charged on! I sent this letter away and after a fobbing off letter four weeks later I received this offer of settlement another four weeks later.
  4. There was a charge which is now too long ago to be counted. I don't think I have ever paid interest on charges. As soon as I go through the overdraft limit and get charged I usually get a cash advance the next day to put me in the black again. Or is there another hidden cost I am missing?
  5. Hi there, I sent a claim letter off to BOS for £254.00 eight weeks ago, got two letters fobbing me off. However, yesterday I received a proposed settlement of £166.00. Now my amount of £254.00 has reduced to £224.00 due to it being a number of years ago. £166.00 represents 75% of the unlawful charges, but I was wondering if I am sacrificing any more than just the remaining £58.00 by accepting their offer. Am I sacrificing any rights?
  6. Jeez - hit a nerve! Was just asking to see if it had been done before. The first letter I had written anyway requesting bank charges from my account did not show the charges being refunded - I had to ask again for this... so if I had replied to their first batch of statements with a claim, I would have been acting on info they gave me! But position has been decided - will claim my real amount owed.
  7. Thanks guys - I thought (and feared) I would get that sort of advice. If I get my £200 (I think its more like £250), I suppose I'll be happy.
  8. Thanks Bookworm - I had sent the DPA letter off, and that was what I got back. I phoned up though, and spoke to somebody quite useful - they said much the same as you, although paraphrased it! Got the bank statements now, have been charged about £550. The only stickler is I've pleaded to get charges refunded before - as they happened - and have had about £300 of them refunded on the spot before. Should I claim for the £550 and hope somebody makes a mistake and offers me the full amount, or quit while I'm ahead and claim the £250?
  9. Apologies if this post is similar elsewhere - I've had a hunt and can't find anything... I have amassed about £400.00 in bank charges in the last six years. However, about £200.00 of these have been refunded already, after pleas to my bank at the time. Since the early days, my bank has changed hands and no longer refunds ANY charges... Would it be immoral, or more to the point, would it be beneficial for me to claim the full £400.00, hoping they won't notice the £200.00 they've refunded on separate occasions. Worth a shot?
  10. Hi, I recently wrote the first letter off to HBOS - they are now in charge of my account after they bought Bank of Scotland some time ago. I requested statements back to January 2000, but they have only returned me statements to January 2004. I have not been charged the 5 pounds that some people have. There's no explanation letter as to why they only go back to 2004, and my charges only total to GBP118. I think they would be double this if they gave me statements back to 2000. I'm wondering if anyone can help. I think HBOS took over the bank about 2004, and I'm thinki
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