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  1. Hi Rebel Opus has offered us 11.49p per kWh (up from 9.49, but well down from the 17.69p we were automatically enrolled into). I am inclined to go with this until the end of the contract. Thanks for you help and inputs; much appreciated.
  2. Update 11/03/14 Opus has contacted us saying they want to resolve this amicably (fair enough) and have suggested we get alternative quotations for the electricity supply which they will consider. We have tried to get quotations but as soon as we give details, they know we are potentially tied into a contract until November 2104 and they decline to provide a quotation. Does anyone have any advice on how we can get a comparative quotation? In the meantime we have suggested a price per unit based on what appears to be the market average, but Opus has gone very quiet on this.
  3. Hi rebel11 Thanks for this. We will follow these up and see where they lead.
  4. Our company switched to Opus Energy in Nov 2012 for a 12-month contract. The tariff was good at (something like 9 pence/kWh). In August 2013 we received a letter telling us the fixed contract was ending in Nov 2013, and if we didn't respond within 30 days, the contract would be automatically for another 12 months. I was away from teh office at the time. We were told the new contract details were overleaf. This was followed by paragraphs about where does your electricity come from? renewable sources, £10 off for ebilling, smartmeters, etc. The last line on page 2, stated the unit price of 17.69
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