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  1. Hi i have been reading through all your threads, i am in exactly the same situation as you, can i ask you what has happened? Are you any further forward after all this time?
  2. You see the only problem i have with doing everything you said is the time span. If i don't try and settle this somehow before all the interest charges start adding on which is the end of this month, then i have no chance to ever clear it, the debt will nearly double. I have already tried to appeal to their better nature on numerous occasions, and every time they have knocked me down. i explained that obviously if i can only just manage the payments now before the buy it now pay later charges are added, how on earth do they think i am going to manage to pay them then. I honestly think they
  3. Hi I really honestly couldn't say how long i have been with the catalogues, its been years now, how would i find out, i tend to do a lot online and switched to paperless statements years ago, and the statements online only go back a year. I confided in my Dad, he said he could give me £2,000 to pay off each debt, but, the problem i have is that won't even clear half, and i still wouldn't be able to manage the payments even with that off. Do you think it would be wise to ask the companies if they would consider a settlement figure, or would it just be a waste of time?
  4. Hi I hope you can help me? I really don't know where to start. I have recently split up with my partner of 20 year. We had to sell our large detatched house and go our separate ways. Fortunately i was lucky enough to get enough money from the sale of our house to buy my own little house for me and my son. I am currently unemployed and i suffer from anxiety and stress, i do get some help for my son from my ex. But, i am struggling now to make ends meet and to top it all off, in the next month my catalogue Buy now pay later purchases will come into affect. I currently owe over £3
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