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  1. So i left my standing order open to carry on making payments and i have got this email off them today... Dear Mr Thomas, We email to inform you, you have made an overpayment of £25.00. Please cancel any current standing orders you may have with ourselves to prevent future overpayments. We can confirm this payment was refunded to you on the 03/06/2016. Your account is now settled and your balance is £0.00
  2. I have just checked and the loan says 'normal' with a 0 balance and it is under the tab 'Closed Accounts' on Noddle, it says account end date 10/5/2016
  3. I have asked them for a statement of the settled account although they have not got back to me yet.. However this morning I check my bank and they have deposited £150! I wonder if they have sold it on and have given me back my repayments I have been making, if they have sold it on what is my move if another company comes to me for money? Also it just goes to show how these companies don't care what financial situation you are in, offering me another loan for £190 even though they know my finances aren't good right now, I processed the loan they offered to see if it would actually go through and it did, I got all the way to just requiring an e-signature and the loan was mine, obviously I didn't go through with it but it was shocking to see.
  4. Hey guys, i have had an outstanding loan with PaydayUK for a long time now and i have been paying a monthly payment of £25. 2 days ago i got a random email offering me a loan from PaydayUk, so i emailed them and said i already have an outstanding loan with still over £300 remaining that i have been making monthly repayments, they have replied to me saying: 'We can confirm that we have been receiving payments regarding loan ID: ***********. This account is now showing as settled. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the office on the number below' I have no idea how this is now settled, do i just forget about the loan now and take their word for it that it is in fact settled? Thanks Darren
  5. Yeah you should hear from them tomorrow, they wait until the last day with me to reply, but they offered me the 'gesture of good will' speech and £510 compensation
  6. I have had 32 payday loans with Quick Quid over a 30 month period and i have made a complaint to Quick Quid regarding irresponsible lending, i have been waiting for them to send me a 'final response' which they said they would send within 8 weeks but i have waited over 9 weeks now and not heard anything.
  7. So i still have not received a final response from Quick Quid i guess it's now time to raise this complaint with the FOS, can anyone help with how i go about doing this? Thanks Darren
  8. So i decided to email them as i got no response on here, they said my 'account is being handled by management staff, you will receive a final response once one is established'
  9. Ok so the 8 weeks in now officially up and i have heard nothing from QuickQuid, do i now send them an email asking what their response is to the same email address that sent me this email... 'As you will see from the attached complaint procedure, we have eight weeks from the date we receive your complaint to send you our ‘Final Response’. If at that time you are still unhappy with our decision, you will have six months from the date of our 'Final Response' to refer your complaint back to the Financial Ombudsman Service for them to adjudicate in the matter on your behalf.' Or do i chat to them via live chat to see what's going on? Thanks for any replies.
  10. It was a complaint regarding irresponsible lending, i guessed they would leave it until the last possible day to reply anyway lol so let's see
  11. Hey guys, I made a complaint to Quick Quid 7 weeks and 6 days ago, and they told me they have 8 weeks to make a 'Final Response'. i was just wondering what i do if i do not hear a response from them by the end of tomorrow? What's the next step? Thanks Daz
  12. Did you have to send 118118 a recent bank statement? i guess that would show that you were using PDL's
  13. oh i apologise i just though it was relevant to ask
  14. how are things going with these companies?
  15. Hi JEC I currently have a few outstanding payday loans that i believe were issued to me irresponsibly, how did you go about the complaint procedure to seek compensation or for the outstanding balances to be revoked? Thanks in advance Darren
  16. Mate who cares if they play ball.. . If that's what you can comfortably afford to pay then they'll have to accept it, just don't back down, they'll probably ask for details of your income and expenditures, just give them a Bob basic reply, don't go into deep details about who you owe money too etc. I've had no dealings with lending stream but others i have told i will only pay repayments via standing order and that is the ONLY way they'll get money from me. Quick Quid were the only company to play hard ball with, (took about 4 emails back and forth but eventually was given their bank details once they finally got it into their thick heads that's the only way they would get a payment). Stick to your guns, your in control of your finances not them! They will give you their bank details eventually.
  17. Aslo send the 2 companies an email stating that you want the CPA cancelled, i have done this to 3 PDL companies (none of the ones you have used) but all 3 replied stating that they have cancelled the CPA and no payment will be taken. They all stuck to their word but i've read some 'horror stories' on here about them just raiding the bank account although i think this was years ago. I then entered into repayment plans with them which is ongoing.
  18. Hi OP, which email address did you use to contact them? how soon did they respond? thanks
  19. *update* I got an email today with a 6 month repayment plan for a standing order, to be reviewed after 6 months, happy days
  20. Yeah that's what I am trying to do, firstly they said they don't accept standing orders but I've read a few people's posts on here that have managed to do that. Also they won't confirm their bank details, I've found them on this site but wanted confirmation from QQ. they actually replied to me with their own attached I/e form but I replied back telling them I already sent them an I/e file and also attached mine again, I then once again asked for the bank details, waiting for a reply now
  21. Hi guys so I spoke to somebody from QQ on live chat a week ago and they told me I had to talk to collections to sort out a repayment method on the date repayment was due.. so today is that day, I have just spoken to somebody (via live chat) from collections (Loretta) and I gave her my story and told her I had sent an I/E form to the collections team and the hardship team, and that I just need some bank details verified so I can start making my payments immediately... so the fun begins in this cat and dog chase where I want the details to make payments and they keep saying they cannot confirm the details for me. Loretta told me I need to either call (which I'm not doing) or email hardship team (which I already have and had no reply). In the end I got frustrated and told Loretta I would email the hardship department asking to verify the bank details for my standing order/repayment plan. Maybe they will have the decency to email me back this time! it's never easy huh
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