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  1. I bet your email wasn't checked. I also think you don't use internet banking. The document in which stipulates the terms of your agreement were probably sent via email, there is such thing as digitally signing as well. And DD's and whole host of other things can be dealt with quite easily via internet banking.
  2. hey there... i had the same experience with a couple of these companies a couple times... and i remember how i resorted to the drawing board and was planning how the hell im gonna get halfway across england to pay these guys a visit... but after a few heated conversations in which i stated i didnt care whether or not i read the terms and conditions properly and boasting that i have nothing to lose and probably threatening murder once or twice i painstakingly got my money back... AND ALSO JUST MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT YOU HAVENT RECEIVED A LOAN FROM ANY COMPANY SO YOU ACTUALLY HAVENT GOT WHAT YOUVE PAID FOR ANYWAY SO YOURE ENTITLED TO A REFUND. ALSO, IT COSTS £50 (IN ENGLAND) TO TAKE ANYONE TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT(TELL THEM THIS) AND EVEN IF THEYRE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO TAKE YOUR MONEY, JUST REMIND THEM THAT YOURE ENTITLED TO 'LEGAL AID' AND THEYRE NOT SO THAT MEANS THEYLL HAVE TO COVER THEIR OWN LEGAL FEES WHICH WILL BE ASTRONOMICAL ANYWAY, SO THEYD BE BETTER OFF PAYING YOU BACK, AND IF THEY DONT TURN UP THEN THEYLL HAVE TO PAY £50 FOR COURT PLUS YOUR LEGAL FEES PLUS THE MONEY WHICH YOURE TAKING THEM TO COURT FOR and thats the truth so theyd be better off paying you back anyway. and remember... no 'umming' and 'aahhing' and make sure you know what youre saying, and speak loudly, clearl and passionately. Ive used this 'court talk' all my life for a whole load of things and its always worked.
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