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  1. Thank you. I have a feeling this will go to court which I'm am worried sick about however my witness is happy to attend luckily.
  2. Hi thanks for the speedy reply. Unfortunately I do not have access to a scanner. If I ignore it though they said they'll assume liability. Will this go against me in court?
  3. UPDATE. I've added the notice to keeper below and also a new letter from their debt collectors. NOTICE TO KEEPER OR HIRE COMPANY * Where applicable, we may have obtained your details from DVLA under a “reasonable cause” request as you were the registered keeper of the vehicle specified at 11.27 on 09/02/2017. * A Parking Charge has been issued as your vehicle was involved in breaching the stated terms and conditions of use which were clearly displayed via signage and agreed to by the driver when your vehicle entered the stated location, specifically: * Pa
  4. Ericsbrother I refused to give driver details so its still me as the keeper they are pursing. Right heres all i have so far 1 9th Feb 17 2 Date on the NTK 14th Feb 3 Date received 16th ( I think) 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Pic of car arrivng and leaving 6 Have you appealed? Yes but don't have a copy as it was on their site. refused to give the driver details Have you had a response? Re: Notice Number ****** Issue Date 14/02/2017 Further to your a
  5. Hi the demand for 155 was from minster baywatch. I'll post the full response and fill out the form later today as i've left the paperwork at home. Cheers
  6. Hi no I've not posted about this before. Never had a parking ticket so not a clue what to do. My first thought was to ignore but then having looked on the forums I appealed. Just don't know what to do. Really don't want to go to court but will if they take it that far and it appears Minster do sometimes turn up!
  7. I received a Notice to Keeper in relation to a PCN from Minster Baywatch. I appealed stating I would not name the driver the fee covering the time the vehicle was there was paid in full (they state payment covering the full duration of the stay was not paid) and there is a witness to this. Obviously they refused this, I only found out about their refusal when I received a further notice demanding now £155 it was originally £60 then £100 and now £155. I called and was informed they emailed their response on 15th March. They absolutely did not no email was r
  8. I will let you know how my complaint goes with the FOS Only just sent it off, fingers crossed.
  9. Just an update I have complained to myjar, when I checked again they had removed the default but the entry is still on my credit report showing continuous late payments and that i only pay periodically. they state they have to enter this as the have to show accurate recording however it is not accurate IMO as they agreed to the repayment plan which I have kept to and not made any late payments on, they also offered to update my file to say there is an arrangement in place but if they have to show accurate info on my report surely they should have already done this. I intend to progress this to
  10. Hi I have a loan with My Jar, I took this out in 2011, got myself in a mess and then agreed a repayment plan with them which have continued to pay on time as agreed. I recently viewed my credit report and noticed My Jar have placed a default on this, now I accept I defaulted in 2011 and have since been repaying, my issue with this is they have only placed the default on my report recently and it is dated this year so will be on my report until 2021!!! Can I complain and ask them to show the date of default which was in 2011? Also can they even do this without sending a further def
  11. I will do and thanks again for your help it is very much appreciated.
  12. I have been trying to come to arrangement with them for some time (and been paying them whilst trying to get them to accept an arrangement) and my correspondence was ignored. I most certainly do not think they would wipe the loan completely nor would I expect them to and I will probably take renagadeimp's advice.
  13. As stated above I would like an explanation from them regarding the issues set out they have in no way answered my complaint as yet but I do not know whether todays email is their formal response or not until I know that I cannot make a decision on their offer. I don't think this is unreasonable on my part.
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