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  1. Thanks for that info,as i'm sure you're aware it's something new to us and very disconcerting at times.
  2. Just a thought,Do we have to prove the estate will not cover the debts?If so how do we do that?Do we send them all copies of all documents?
  3. thanks very much for the replies,My daughter and myself are both executors of the estate and i didn't want to leave either of us open to legalities whilst administrating the estate.I will complete the appropriate paperwork and see wher we stand.Thank you all for your rapid replies to my question. Les
  4. my daughters partner died recently and he left some credit card debts which it seems the estate will not be able to pay in full.there may only be enough to pay50 to 60% of the debts.any advice would be welcome.
  5. My daughters partner died recently and he has some credit card debts,It doesnt appear that the estate will cover these debts,what should we do about them?The estate may only cover about 60% of the debts.
  6. my daughter has a mortgage with gmac and she had arrears on the account and a suspended possesion order was made by the court.we cleared all the arrears for her and have a statement from gmac showing this but she has slipped into a couple of months arrears again and gmac are saying that they will enforce the order if she doesn't clear the errears.surely the order made on the first arrears was made null and void because the arrears it was based on were cleared.any one have any thoughts on this.
  7. just be patient and you'll get YOUR money back.don't let them bully you or dictate the pace of things,all the help you need is on this site you have 100,000 new friends to help you.
  8. don't worry,this is normal.the claim will be dealt with by your local county court and you'll hear from them soon.stand firm ,follow the procedures on this site and you will get your money back.
  9. yes this is normal if you didn't put in this part about the calculations in your origional claim.
  10. you have a wait ahead of you yet,abbey are taking it to the last with most claims.keep going,in the end you will get your money.
  11. Absolutely Disgraceful What They Think They Can Get Away With.use The Courts System To Teach Them A Lesson.i Would Have Thought The Onus Was On Them To Prove You Were Subletting And Not On You To Prove That You Weren't
  12. stick to the procedures on this site and be a little patient and you will get your money back mark
  13. start your own thread mark.yes the schedule is a list of the charges made on your account.a copy should go to the court and abbeys solicitors
  14. standard defence,don't worry be patient a little longer and you will get your money.
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