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  1. Hi Thanks for the information, but it provides only for people who are classed as 'residential'. Although my parents lived in their static, and 70% of the other people on the site also live there (plus pay council tax etc), as they are required by the site to come off the site for one week of every year, it is pretty much a loophole to stop them being 'protected' or falling under the Mobile Homes Act and therefore doesn't apply.
  2. Hi All, This is my first posting, so apologies if I am not posting in the correct thread. I have an issue with a mobile park home site. My parents bought a static caravan on a site near[edited] in 2009. They paid £XX,000 for it. They did not use finance. In the latter part of 2013 my dad's health declined and they decided that they wanted to get out of the static into a house. The site they are on keep their residents on a 51 week licence - although they do have a 52 week licence. They keep their residents on 51 weeks in order to prevent them being classed as residential - so they are classed as holiday homes. My parents paid council tax on their home, although when they bought it, they were told that they wouldn't have to (and they didn't at first). When they came to sell, they honoured their part of the contract which states that they had to offer the site owner first refusal of the home. They did so. XXXXXXX offered them £XK initially. The second time they asked a couple of months later, they were offered £XK. My parents refused and asked if they could sell privately (as per the contract). They were told yes. They sold privately but the day before completion, after my parents had signed a contract on another house and paid for it (and the buyer had given notice on his accommodation), The owners of the site, saw fit to block the sale. They refused to allow the sale to go through/allow the buyer to purchase. [edited]As you have no choice but to sell to them (and they even have the cheek to charge you XX% commission PLUS VAT to sell to THEMSELVES), they make a massive profit. We ended up having to remove the home from their park. They do have a contract which states that they are allowed to sell privately. What that contract doesn't say is that they will threaten to put the new buyers' site fees up (my parents site fees had already risen £xx from 2009).[edited] .They put the site fees up so that they can no longer afford to live there, then once they cotton on that you want to sell, they move in. They paid £xxx for someone else's I was told yesterday. The site owners are also allegedly collecting VAT. They are charging all residents VAT on their site fees, which I believe is illegal. I do know they were confronted by one person on the site about it, and were told that if they make a fuss their site fees will double and they would move that person's caravan to the 'back of the park' (i.e. in the bushes!) Can anyone offer any advice please. Legal standing? I would like to take this further and try and get these sites regulated in some way, offering a protection for those residents. It's a loophole that they don't inform people of.
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