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  1. Ok. I think the best way for me is just be quiet and not saying that i move to another country. Even if they will get Scottish court judgement it will be only in UK? And they can't get European payment order if they don't know my aboard address or Country i am? I don't want to avoid my debt but in my country 4000 pounds is a lot of money and will be very difficult for me to pay that back especially that i'm not coming back to live in luxus. But al least i can get help from my family.
  2. So the best way for me is to tell where im going? Do i need to tell full address or i can just say that i moved aboard. Can my landlord take my to court and use my last address ( his property address) to know that i moved from that property becouse i will give him keys?
  3. Thank you for all your help. I'm not intend to come back to UK at all. For us it's to difficuld to rise a child without family help (and i don't mean financial help). Can they take me to court if they don't know my address and i if i stay or leave UK? I know that without address you cant get CCJ but that is in England. I don't know if Scotland have same rules. Is my all together almost 4000 debt is worth of chasing? i ready somewhere that European payment order cost only 95 pounds? So in my eyes 4000 looks very tempting for DCA. In my county DCA's are very rude and do everything(even not illegal road) to recover debt so i would like to aviod that.
  4. Hello looking to get help regarding my debt. I live in Scotland. I work part time and i sell on ebay as self employed From over 2 years due to overseas sellers use fulfilment my profit went down. Never was big but now just doesn'r exist. On top of that my landlord want to increase my rent. Every month i have more debt so me and my wife decided to comeback to our home country(in EU) Where we can get some help from our family My debt is 2500GBP on credit card 300GBP bills And 1100 GBP for rent I can't afford to pay those money so i would like to know what is best option? Should i just leave and don't say anybody? Could they find me over there becouse it's EU country? or tell my creditors that i move aboard but don't say where? I really don't know what to do and any help would be good
  5. Yes 5 days all togehter. I should take longer off's but when i felt better i try came back asap. I thing in my job when is very cold and you work so hard that you sweat is unavoidable.
  6. I have contract from 2005. Then everybody get new contract in 2009 becouse they add extra hour for everybody. In cntract says nothing about those rules. those rules are from maybe 2 years and i never signed nothing about those new rules. i just signed paper saing to what number i should call if i will take day off and if i will not call i can get warning. Ofcourse i called everytime i was off. I didn't even get any paper about those new rules. I just find out couple of months ago from union when he said that are still talk about this(privet conversation with union guy) Also my teamleader inform me on my "return to work" interwiev. Ofcourse i refuse to sing.
  7. Just strange for me that nobody give or explain me those new rules. How i should know how they work? Also why company allow for 4 time off but punish you after the second.
  8. It's regarding periods of absence. Doesn't matter how many days you of you still get paid if it is no more that 4 times in year but after seconfd time will be verbal warning. And like everybody know any warning stays hole year. I was off in february becouse of high fever. My job is very early in very cold condition when you can get sweat so it's easy to be sick and i really don't want to risk my health to be even more sick. especially when i have small kid. When i get verbal warning i didn\t singed becouse my union says that they still speak about those rules
  9. Hi Everyone. I would like some legal advice about letter i recivd from my work. I'm working from almost 9 years in waerhouse for big internation company. The rulase about offsick is that you can take up to 4 times in one year off sick and still get paid. Fifth time will be unpaid and process to verbal warning. Couple months ago i find our that apparently my company change rules and now you still can get 4 times off in a year and get paid but verbal warning will be after second off. To clear that warning you need to not taking off for more than one year becouse every warning stays for hole year in your records. I'm not sure if thats clear so i will write my exaple. I was off one day in may2013 (me my kid and wife had stomach flu) then i was off 2 days in october2013(I had very stong cold which is easy to get when you work in cold warehouse) after this off i get verbal warning Then i was off for 2 days in february 2014 and i get letter about hearing for written warning. Can they change rules without telling me about that?How now i should defence my self? I did not signed anything about those changes. Now i'm scared that if in hole year me or my family will get sick i can lose job. Can you help me with some advice? thank you
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