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  1. I have an account that I'm in the process of closing with Natwest. This is an interest free student account which was within its limit when I began repayment almost 18 months ago. Last month, I requested a statement to find that I was now about £400 worse off that I was when I began repaying the money. I asked for this interest to be stopped as it was sending me into a rediculous ammount of debt and that it was extortunate due to the fact that the interest was being applied at twice the ammount of the money that I was paying off per month. There was no mention of any application
  2. I closed two accounts with NatWest 18 months ago as I was moving banks and Natwest sent me two letters of default outlining the ammount I owed on my overdraft (they charged me £30 each for two letters, but posted them in the same envelope...) I was told to come up with a repayment plan within 28 days or my details will be passed onto a Credit Reference Agency. I agreed within the 28 day limit to repay them at the rate of £11 per month (I'm a full time NHS student and my income is very limited). A month ago I had cause to undergo a credit reference check and was declined due to informatio
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