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  1. Although this thread was started almost 2 years ago, believe it or not, I again recieved a letter from Debt recovery plus today! Do these guys ever give up?
  2. OK thanks for that, I´ll get in contact with them ASAP
  3. As to Europcar .... Dear Sirs, We have been notified that a traffic violation was committed during your recent rental period with us. Please see attached photocopy of the notice for details. (Highview Parking charge notice) To comply with our legal obligations we have supplied your details to the issuing body as the primary driver at the time of the offence. Blah Blah In accordance with our terms and conditions of hire we have charged you a fee to cover our administation costs and this is detailed on the enclosed invoice. (Invoice Admin fee £30 / VAT £6) I had tried to
  4. The hire agreement was just for myself. (The steeríng wheel is on the wrong side of the car for my wife) Just dont want to have to travel back for a court hearing in Scotland. Coughing up the cash would be cheaper. Couldn´t believe they gave my address to them at all ... what´s with the data protection act? Are they allowed to give away my details?
  5. Hope someone can help ... Recieved a letter from Debt Recovery Plus this morning demanding a sum of £148,99! This charge, originally £90 was brought about firstly through Highview Parking for a longer than 2 hour stay in Livingston, Scotland. The car I was driving was a hired car, (Alamo / Europcar), which in turn gave Highview my name and address here in Germany. ( also charged an extra £35 from my credit card for doing them the service) Since then I have recieved a total of 3 letters from Highview Parking all of which I have ignored.... Just ignore this one too?
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