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  1. Sorry I can't PM - but happy to help - what do you want to know?
  2. Hello there - the outcome i ended up was one that was right for me, so please take my summation with that in mind. I had a house in Stoke on Trent - the value of it had gone down in the 9 years I owned it; moreover with the fact that it was based in Stoke I was pretty sure that even if I was able to keep it for the 21 years left outstanding on my mortgage, I would have ended up paying over £400k (at interest rates remaining as low as they are, which is to say the least, unlikely) for a house that will only ever be worth about 150k at the most - current value is 80k. With this in mi
  3. No payments have been missed - I fear that the breach alone would be sufficient for them to instigate a repossession - I am very mindful that their aim is to get us all off their books as soon as possible, and this will give them sufficient cause irrespective of the account status. I have made all my payments for 9 years, never late, never been an issue. Still I suspect that this will be enough for them with no room to negotiate. I am bracing myself!
  4. I am currently an NRAM account holder, with a together mortgage comprising a £98,000 mortgage and £18,000 unsecured loan. I have not missed any payments or been late, but I have breached my mortgage t & cs by letting the property without their consent. I asked for it and they refused, back while they were still Northern Rock. I have already posted about this so I won't go into the same details here; only to set the background for this post. I am concerned with the fact since their recent government directive to get the 'bad' debts off their books they are working on a different inc
  5. Unfortunately the house is worth around (97k which means the LTV is not sufficient for a BTL. I do not have the income to put a deposit, no parents, no partner and 2 credit card debts to account for so I am unable to move. I am also on a standard variable - though that is fine for the time being given the interest rates are low, but of course, they can only go up. I can afford the mortgage if they go up to a point - I could afford max £900pm. But sadly I cannot move to another mortgage, transfer the mortgage to a new property, say if I wanted to buy in London instead or ge
  6. Dear all I have just joined this forum in the hope I can request for some advice on my current situation. I have an NRAM together mortgage on a property bought in 2005. The mortgage is £99,500 and the unsecured loan is £23,500 outstanding. My property is in Stoke on Trent where house prices are slow to rise. The last valuation I have had shows the house to be wroth round £97-99k. In 2007, two years into the mortgage, while it was still with Northen Rock and before the crisis I was offered a job in London. My salary increased from £32k to £50k. I requested Consent to Let but th
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