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  1. Thank you:) its actually more than I was hoping for but it covers what I lost from my SMP and a bit more. All I can say to others is, if you know you are right and have the proof you need, even when told your case is weak just push as far as you can. You dont representation if you know your case more than anyone else would know.If you know you are a victim then don't keep it in. Leason learned, if you raise a gievance,take it directly to HR,and trust no one.
  2. Just to let you know that I have now settled for the amount of 10k. Thank you all for your help.
  3. -So can any one carry out anl investigation for a grievance on behalf of the company even if they are not employed by them? - As the whole department I used to work for, including ex colleagues were bought by another company, how does it work for a FH then? in the case that ET orders witnesses statements, etc. I trying to find out the difficulties that the company will have now in defending the other elements of the claim: racial and pregnancy/sex discrimination. Thanks again
  4. No Grotesque, I only received the internal investigation outcome on Saturday past and shes no longer working for my ex employer, so I dont understand the validity of that investigation. Can I also mention, I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE FACE OF HR AT ALL. Does this make any difference?
  5. Hi guys, could someone help me on this part of my query : "Also, the head of the department I used to work for signed the letter,(internal investigation) but she is not longer employed by my ex employer, how can she sign on behalf of the company if shes not longer employed by? (I know is a fact her contract was moved to a different company on the 2nd Feb)" ... Thank you
  6. I have asked them but without success. what do you make of the rest of my post, reg investigation, the person dealing/signing internal investigation for grievance, 14 days for tribunal? it started to look as if Im destined to take this all the way to FH day.
  7. No emmzzi, they didnt say what chances and I did ask, I assume it is over 75% like someone mentioned here before.
  8. hi again, just to let you know i have had no success with contacting acas, after leaving a couple of messages the case worker has not come back to me, however I have received the internal investigation outcome from ex employer. I dont agree with any of the points because they are outside the relevant point/accusations I made, they failed to provide the evidence to support their investigation and obviously they denied all points. So where does this leave me? the Tribunal has given both parties to tell our position 14 days from the date i receive the outcome of the investigation, so I hav
  9. To "me" personaly is morality, not basing my case on it, I'm basing it on evidence. I don't expect the judge to look at it like that.
  10. Thank you SP. I might just wait for the NWNF company to see what they think after reading all my evidence and paperwork. It seems that the respondent will continue to drag their feetabout disclosing the info, I already asked tribunals for a order for disclosure and they said they might consider it. Anyway, what about the pregnancy element if the claim? I have said in my posts that before my dismissal I was signed off by doc due to pregnancy related illnesses, then on my come back I get suspended and dismissed. If you look and think about it all is very convenient chain of events. I
  11. For what SP been saying, my case is "weak". As for acas, I have a sweet sounding case worker but I dont trust him because he is pushy...
  12. If that's the case, I wasted a whole day archiving my paperwork chronologicaly before sending on to them.
  13. Hi So, the respondent carried out investigations last June and confirmed by letter, 2 weeks ago they managed to confirm to tribunals they had concluded investigation and I was due to hear from them shortly. I will contact acas and see what they say, I could start the conversation as in like, what is the respondent's position with regards to this investigation? Or something like that( my ex employer confirmed to acas that they didn't want to disclosed this info to tribunals, you wonder why, no light hearted pulling the leg I tell you) Will NWNF lawyers only take a case if they feel it will
  14. HI everyone, sorry its me again and im going to pick your brains again...well its a matter of opinion. I have been offered help from xxx Scotland, anyone has had dealings with them? I know its a no win no fee basis, what are the implications of going and accepting help from such companies? Also, I feel scared of approaching acas, I don't want to appear *desperate* In the meantime, the Respondent has taken 2 weeks to send me their Internal investigation conclusion with regards to my Grivance. what should I do? (I know if they send that Info Tribunals will set a FHD and then cost
  15. Thank so. You have clarified a lot and with a good background. Am I right to say there are two types of discrimination, direct and indirect, what are the differences between those 2? Also, I had enough of this, I'm thinking of taking the 5 k , but their offer for this was only open til 7feb. Can I contact acas? How do I go about it? What should I say? ( my reasons are because there are other things in our life atm and I can't and won't have time for ET or preparation) Thanks again.
  16. Potentialy my ex employer would of continued with the racial incidents if I continued to be employed by them. I don't want punishment, there should be awareness. No bullying should be justfied.
  17. aye, I have, thats why it surprises me SP response of bottom venti, CAB told me Middle Venti. Am I getting confused somewhere? Im not talking about a one off racial inciddent, it was continuous even tho I raised a grievance that was never carried out until after my dismissal.
  18. and can I thank everyone so far in all the advise you have giving me so far. I have never used forums before, but \i know behing keyboards there is real people that wish to help. thanks again
  19. Hi Madari, This predicament has cost me, my husband and kids sleepless nights I would love it for it to disappear! I can tell you that the company in question has got significant operation offices around the UK, the US and across Asia, its currently sitting in the FTSE 100, so we are not talking about a hairdressing shop in a west sussex village. The CMD and all future hearing will take in Glasgow, the only ET tribunal in Scotland. What are you thoughts in all this? Can I ask you if in the case of my ex employer of being liable for unfair dismissal, where would that put my
  20. Hi SP, Thank you for mentioning Venti award scale, In the past I have been told I was in middle band, because not only racist discrimination but also because of being pregnant during a protective period? So it surprises me what your venti quote is. Also, Can I just say how do you identify the racist element of the claim as *Minor*? does that mean that my colleagues should of continued mock my accent on a weekly basis even if I continued employment, my grivance was never carried out by my manager and so is it justifiable? Please define Racism to me. In my view, acts that ha
  21. HI Emmzi, I Have witness statements from 2 colleagues and I have the very first email to my manager where I made clear that al the mocking and reapeating back words at me was hurtful and offencife, which he then acknowledge. I also have print outs of Instant messaging conversations( date and time in them) where was telling my colleague exactly what was happening at the time of being mocked (this is not a one off this, it continued through out October to December, too many times to mention) the IM messages show exactly how they were saying:* Panxa* go and say Lush for us ( lush as in th
  22. I worked for them from 2009. They haven't concluded grievance but concluded internal investigation, thank you for heads up on that. I always retained right of residence and work and continue to do so. My point is the employer did not carry a thorough investigation. I was dismissed by manager, I never saw HR through out the entire process. We already had CMD and my additional details of ET1 were accepted. Et3 has not been amended since then , although attemps have been made. Please read okuoimose vs city facilities. There are other cases too, this being kinda similar.
  23. I am representing myself, only advise so far has been CAB, all decisions have been based on my research and some advise. I dont qualify for legal aid and I cant afford legal rep.(I have 2 children, no spare cash)
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