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  1. I have found the LBA template for business accounts, but cannot find any info for preliminary letter. Can you help? M
  2. Hi everyone I have been looking through the forums for advise on Business Accounts. I have finally found a LBA template, but can't find any info for a preliminary letter template. Can anyone help? Also, I am very happy to read about all the Scots using English addresses as our small claims limit is a joke. Can I pursue my claim like this, even though I have sent my initial correspondance with my home address on it? Thanks M
  3. Hi All I have got to the point of filling in my court papers twice now, but because f circumstances, haven't been able to follow it through. I am determined to take this all the way this time after another bout of charges on my accounts. I do need some advice however, or pointed in the right direction within the forum. My personal account charges are around £3000 over the last four years (I know I can claim up to 6, but I was beter with money back then). I have read about people using addresses in England to claim through the English courts for the full amount of the claim, inst
  4. Can the same particulars be used in Scottish Courts for business accounts? Martin
  5. I haven't read anything about summary clause. Is this not a more costly and risky alternative to the small claims route? Martin
  6. Hi Court it is then!! Because of our small claims proceedures, I have split my claim into individual years at around £600 each. Should I do one claim at a time, or hit them with all 4 years claims at once? Martin
  7. Hi I too have had no contact from BOS since my LBA on 28.09.06 I have been away for a week or so, so my action has lost a bit of momentum. Now I am back, I too am a bit apprehensive of the next move. I am claiming about £2K, so will not be leting it go. I think that is what they are hoping for by burying their heads in the sand over this. I am going to get small claims forms tomorrow! Martin
  8. Hi Everyone Just asking a question to get things right in my head before going any further. I sent my initial letter on 14.09.06. I got a rude phone call and then heard nothing further. I then sent the LBA on 28.09.06 and have again heard nothing. At this point, I should now be going ahead with some court action, is this correct? Should I be sending a letter informing them court action is imminent, or have they had all their warnings? Any help to ease the nerves at this point would be very welcome. Thanks Martin
  9. Hi All I have just completed my LBA to BOS for my personal account. Can anyone tell me if there is a specific LBA for a business account claim as I can't seem to find one in the templates. Thanks Martin
  10. Hi All, I have been gathering information off the site for a number of weeks, and finally sent of my claims last week. I thought I'd gotten a grip on the procedures involved (Scottish Law) but have read something which I'm now worried about. As my total claim is for around £1500, I split it into three years worth of charges. I have read in another thread that once you have taken a company to a small claims court, you cannot sue this company again. Also, part two of my claim is also with BOS, but for my business account. I sent my initial claim in on 14/09/06 and received a
  11. Hi Jason I am self employed so am in the habit of keeping bank statements for a while; I actually have them all for the last few years. Don't know what will happen with the claim for charges to my personal account, but I have already had an almost threatening call regarding the claim on my business account. All claims went away 14/09/06, so I'll find out soon enough. Martin
  12. Hi Jason I too am fairly new to the site, and have just sent off my claims to Bank of Scotland. As far as I can make out, the small claims court in Scotland only deals with amounts of up to £800 (not sure of exact figure). I have submitted my claims in individual years, so, if need be, I can go to the small claims court and they'll be able to deal with it there. Martin
  13. I have been looking at the site and gathering information for a few weeks now. I put together my claims and sent them off 14/9/2006. Today I received a call from the manager of my business account. He tells me that all the relating legalities for bank charges apply only to personal accounts. Does anyone know if this is the case? I think BOS must be clutching at straws as all the information I used was found on this fantastic site. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I felt I was being bullied at this early stage into accepting the charges were my fault. Thanks, Ma
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