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  1. I only joined the union a month ago - my own fault.... and do not think they can help for another week or so, in which time the appeal date will run out. It is my own fault, had a lot of personal stuff going on a kept putting things off.
  2. Hello all, hope you can help. I have been working in my position for nhs for approximately 7 years. I was recently notified that I had not been assimulated into agenda for change and if I up date my job description it would be sorted out. Which is has so far, however I am not happy with the banding they have given me. it is lower then I was expecting. Expecially as my role has changed considerable since I started. I am now managing an assistant which was not part of my original job description. IF I accept the banding that would make us both on the same banding and pay point.Although I am in t
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