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  1. Hi Lee, Thanks, however, I don't currently have a working phone at the moment so it'll have to be via email if you need to get in touch. Cheers, Tom
  2. Sorry to the bump the thread but just wanted to update you guys. Exchanged a few emails with MPD and they agreed to cancel the contract when the phone is returned inside the 14 days return period so all worked out. In terms of getting a PAC code to transfer my number to my new provider, who would I need to talk to about this? Would Lee be able to provide me with one? Thanks guys, Tom
  3. Hi Lee, After thinking about it, I just decided to stay with you guys. I can give you details over the phone if you're still getting in touch later? Thanks, Tom
  4. Thanks, Lee. Would you agree with what Jack is saying I am within my full rights to cancel it within 7 days? Ringing MPD sometime today.
  5. That's great, Jack. I did send MPD an email yesterday I believe but may be worth giving them a ring in the morning. Thanks!
  6. Hm, you'd think I would still be covered by the DSR. I checked out that link and it says returns can only happen if you have not inserted the SIM card which doesn't help me! Hopefully the VF team can still assist. FTAO the Vodafone team: #6193516 is my email reference number. I included in the subject: WRT135 - CAG
  7. Hi fkofilee, Thanks for replying! I got it from a site called MobilePhonesDirect. Even if I don't have a cooling off period, shouldn't the Distant Selling Regulations still help me out? Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi guys, I joined Vodafone Friday last week and I have started to experience signal issues. This varies from receiving 'No Service' to trying to use the 3G service which is excruciatingly slow and then stops working altogether after a few minutes of use. Another phone I have which is on the 3 network works fine. I was wondering if it would be possible to have my contract cancelled as I am still in the cooling off period? Hopefully I can grab the attention of the VF forum team. Thanks in advance, Tom
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