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  1. We gave up trying to get meaningful responses from Sofa Specialists and went to court. We did get a contact at each stage of court papers being issued (coincidnce of course !! ) and the day after the Bailif papers were issued we had a call saying they would make full refund. A you can see from other posts some people have a very different experience. Depending on how much deposit you stand to loose you either put it down to experience or make a stand. First thing either way is to send an official registered letter stating what your course of action will be.
  2. "not everybody has had a bad experience with this company and i would just like to point this out. " I'm sure that may be true but historically Sofa Specialists, in whatever their current guise is, have serious quality issues. Pleased that your instance turned out well.
  3. I had a phone call from "Oliver" on April 1st (the day after the HCEO was delivered) saying "we agree the quality of your furniture is bad and would like to collect and refund" I agreed to cancell the enforcment on the condition that the money was in my bank within 24hrs. Needless to say nothing has turned up ! Just another delaying tactic, although for the life of me I can't see what they hoped to gain ? My only advice to everyone is AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  4. No help to you Thespian but I got my HCEO through yesterday and have issued it. Far as I can tell Oliver Goode (ponytail) is the manager/owner and has been involved with all the many past versions of "The sofa Specialists"
  5. Far as I can tell there isn't a company behind it any more. The card receipt shows "Sofa Specialists" with the Droitwich postcode (DY9 9AY) HSBC tell me there is no circumstance where data protection allows them to disclose who owns the bank account I paid to. The order/invoice we have from payments made in Sept 2013 and Dec 2013 show Sofa Specialists No2. Droitwich Park Retail Kidderminster Rd Droitwich Worcestershire. And Sofa Specialists Warstock Rd Kings Heath Birmingham B14 4RT
  6. We rejected our suite under Sale of Goods Act. Sofa Specialists Head office given on the paperowrk when we ordered does not exist. Post sent to the shop in Droitwich is not accepted as they open after the post round time. Registered mail is not collected after being carded. Emails are ignored. I suspect all the above is selective. We had a visit by Oliver Goode (manager) (owner?) and a rep from the manufacturer to "inspect and report". This wasnever followed up with any information. Court letters where ignored ("we never recieved that"). Judgement was made by default which t
  7. "The Sofa Specialists/Sofa Speialists/Yes Sofa specialists" in "High Street Stores" These people are still at it. Anyone having issues please see me new thread above................ thanks
  8. Hi Guys. I see a number of threads on here about the Sofa Specialists of Droitwich and Brimingham. I have won a Small Claims court by default against these people. Their history makes me wonder if I will acually get anything back. It has become obvious that they are using false business addresses and/or avoiding reciept of mail. In readiness for further action I want to compile as much current information as I can about this business and it's owners. Anyone here with present problems please shout back
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