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  1. thats the one Andy I'm on it. I'm noting everything searching out docs, checking all the new stuff they've used to see if it helps me and such like. will post up when i get somewhere near a draft.
  2. Thanks Andy. I have contact them and agreed an arrangement. They are posting me the tomlin order apparently.
  3. re part 18 letter how does this fit in my timeline and proceedings? date set for summary judgement hearing
  4. yes it's a dated entry, and matches reconstituded letter (same date).
  5. right do i call or email the solicitor re discussing out consent/tomlin order?
  6. I didn't receive anything from my SAR - although they cashed the postal order. Drydens sent some info a few weeks ago i'll check whats in that. The witness statement from Drydens has some extracts from their system which includes an entry showing default letter sent.
  7. The correct address according to reconstituted one. Anyhoo. I'm confused presumably this was for loan 1 only as their *statements* show a deferment post this date and on a date in 2010 days: Loan Matured So presumably the other two loans weren't due at that time? Do they all become payable together?
  8. Unless you get a Ccj I suppose. Right default notice "reconstituted says" Account no Arrears amount Total balance This Default notice is served in accordance with section 87(1) of the consumer credit act. Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with condition 4.1 of each of your agreements with Honours Student Loans monthly payments to your account(s) stated below have not been maintained and an arrears amount of xxxx.xx is now outstanding You are required within 14 days of this notice to remit direct to Honours Student Loans the full arrears amount stated. If the action required by this notice is taken before the date shown not further enforcement action will be taken in respect of the breach. If you do not take action required by this notice before the date shown the. Further action set out below may be taken against you. Your account will be transferred to our Recoveries department for further action to recover ..... You could lose your entitlement to pay by instalments..... Your account balance could be passed to a debt collection agency.... If you have difficulty in paying any sum owing under the agreement or taking any other action required by this notice, you can apply to the court which may make an order allowing you or any surety more time. If you are not sure what to do, you should get help as soon as possible. For example you should contact a solicitor, your local trading standards department or your nearest citizens advice bureau. Your sincerely Collections manager Your loan agreements with us: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx
  9. I'm nearly home so will confirm when I get back the wording of said reconstituted notice. I'll also check statements for around that date and get back to you.
  10. To make it easier to review: Original claim form issues 7/2/14 and is for 3xSLC loans lumped together from drydenFairfax on behalf of Honours Trustee It was sent to an old registered address which at the time was still owned by me but is not now however. I no longer own any property. The loans were taken out between 26/11/96 & 10/11/98 and latterly all sold *apparently* to Honours Trustees the 10-11-98 ONE of these loans might be a new style loan? although microfim terms received seem the same as the earlier two. I seem to be unable to defer all loans and had to apply separately, so ALL the loans were deferred individually - 'a' default notice issued by SLC on 26/04/2006. So persumably this would be against ONE of the loans? under ONE of the loans [or all three already lumped together] clarity DCA got £1200 thru payments made to them sept 2009 - july 2011. One of the loans was last deferred in 2006 apparently - so thus cannot be statute barred (although the question remains, which one had a default notice and which loan agreement was i making payments against! I'll check the reams of documentation dryden have no managed to find a year after original claim! ) this loan was then passed back to Honour Student loans - I moved out of the registered address in 2012. with regards to the default notice, they claim they sent one and include a "reconsituted" version and are also claiming since i got in contact with them at somepoint that year i must've received it! i can only state i didn't - this has never appeared on my credit record (although id struggle to prove that - can you get a copy of your credit record from 6-12 years ago?
  11. right so should i also be drafting my witness statement now prior as well as contacting them to try to mediate and propose a possible consent /tomlin order? How best is it to approach them? or even a way not too /things not to do as they may not agree? presumably i contact their solicitor?
  12. Hi Andy, I've read through the info on the link, but to be honest it all seems like gobble de gook. I assume i need to compile some documentation and prepare a witness statement. I can't see any positive outcome coming from this.. .. They've sent a 6 page witness statement and 71 pages of supporting information. Am i better trying to contact them and try to agree payment or it it too late for that? I assume it'll be more after costs added at court if i leave it till then? i've gone back through it a few times now... i'm confused.... . whats the difference between a summary judgement hearing and any other type of small claims hearing>? OK so i think it means: They're saying i can't defend it and so a CCJ should be applied without a hearing??? So presumably the outcomes are.. .. he/she agrees with claimant and i get CCJ, a later hearing date is set? if they believe i do have some grounds for defence? Or they can agree in my favour and it get dismissed? Whats a conditional order?
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